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The Italian energy supplier Enel uses 40 Unimog U 218 vehicles with elevated work platforms.

A power supply via overhead cables is an inexpensive alternative to laying underground cables – particularly over long distances and in rough terrain. But in order for the electric cables to function reliably, they need to be maintained regularly and, if an emergency arises, repaired at short notice. A clear case for the Unimog!

A total of 112 Unimogs in the Enel electrical company's fleet in Italy.

The Italian energy supplier Enel recently took delivery of 40 new Unimog U 218 vehicles with elevated work platforms. These allow all necessary repair and maintenance tasks on overground cables to be carried out, even in difficult terrain. Because seventy Unimog U 20 trucks and two Unimog U 500 vehicles had already provided good service to the Italian power supplier, another 40 new special-purpose vehicles were ordered and delivered. That makes a total of 112 Unimog vehicles in the Enel fleet.

With the new Unimog U 218, the power supplier can drive off-the-beaten track and deep into the terrain to work on overhead cables using the elevated work platforms. Thanks to permanent all-wheel drive, high ground clearance, great axle articulation and a differential lock, the Unimog is extremely agile even in the roughest terrain. This is true in all seasons and in all weather conditions. Repair work on electric cables is typically necessary after snowstorms, storm damage or landslides. With the Unimog, you can act quickly in an emergency.


With the 40 new Unimog vehicles, those tedious marches with packs of equipment to inaccessible spots are now a thing of the past for Enel's emergency operations team.

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Fully hydraulic and reliable. Unimog with Oil&Steel aerial platform.

The mounted elevated work platform from Oil & Steel S.p.A. is controlled via the powerful yet sensitive Unimog working hydraulics. The telescopic arm can extend to a working height of almost 16 m and has a lateral reach of around 10 m. The narrow 2.15 m construction is particularly useful on narrow paths and in tight spaces.

In the video: Klaus Niemes, sales manager at Oil&Steel S.p.A., introduces the fully hydraulic platform "Scorpion" and its most imponrtant features in combination with an all-terrain Unimog. 

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