Fit for mining in Indonesia.

Unimog at Asia's biggest mining exhibition: Mining Indonesia.

Indonesia's coal reserves harbour more than 61 billion tonnes of the black gold. The Asian republic is thus among the ten biggest coal producers worldwide. In the Indonesian mining sector, great value is placed on reliability and robustness when it comes to emergency vehicles. These are characteristics which run deep in the blood of the Unimog. The off-roader proves this regularly at Mining Indonesia.

In the video: Unimog impressed guests at the 2017 Mining Indonesia exhibition.

Off-road truck for team transport tasks.

In September 2017, the Unimog was on show over the course of four days at the 18th Mining Indonesia exhibition in Jakarta. The excellent off-road characteristics and versatile range of possible uses for the Unimog in mining applications were very much in the spotlight.

The absolute highlight from Mercedes-Benz at the event: the Unimog U 5000 Euro 3 variant with a body for transporting big teams. The team transporting version of the extreme off-roader takes workers and heavy machinery even into difficult terrain. Where others give up, the Special Truck demonstrates its full potential – be it in mud, water, sand or on gravel.

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Straight out of the factory, this vehicle with a capacity to get anywhere it needs to is perfectly equipped for difficult operations. Accordingly, the Unimog was met with especially positive feedback at the biggest mining exhibition in Asia. "A strong and reliable product," came the poignant conclusion from salesman Augustinus Hariyadi from Indonesia.

The truck for truly hard tasks.

Worldwide, mining specialists put their trust in the workhorse that is the Unimog. Be it as a refuelling vehicle, a mobile crane, an ambulance or a fire appliance: with its excellent competence, the Unimog is a professional partner for the mining sector. And one of the best partners when it comes to hard work.

Extra performance for the energy industry.

Also present: the Axor and Arocs.

Visitors to the 2017 Mining Indonesia exhibition included above all producers and decision-makers from the mining industry. On the 750 square-metre display area, Mercedes-Benz demonstrated the vehicle's off-road power.

Alongside the Unimog, further vehicles from the Mercedes-Benz product range were also on display: for example, the Axor in various versions and the first Euro 3 Arocs in Indonesia were presented to the abundant audience.

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