Stable performance
on unstable ground.

Unimog and Zetros reliably help remove drilling fluid.

Whenever infrastructure work in Germany moves away from the beaten track, contractor Hermann Kahnenbley from near Hamburg is on-hand to help. His company is specialised in the removal and recycling of drilling fluid. The certified specialists take care of electricity cables, gas lines, water pipes and telecommunications lines as well as all manner of supply and draining shafts which are produced by means of drilling. "There's no-one else in Germany who does things the way we do," says Managing Director Hermann Kahnenbley proudly. He has 14 employees – and if necessary, they even work across European borders.

We need this vehicle because of its extreme off-roading capabilities.


Hermann Kahnenbley, Managing Director of contractor Hermann Kahnenbley

A must on any construction site: the Unimog U 530 (300 hp).

15 years ago, he started using his first Unimog. "We've just continued to use a Unimog so that we can be sure we can get where we need to in the demanding terrain." His latest model is a valuable addition to the specialist fleet. Equipped with a hydraulic power take-off shaft, the Unimog is used for operating a vacuum pump. The drilling mud is then removed in a twelve-cubic-metre container trailer. "With the Unimog we can take all of the materials we need directly to the drilling hole. Instead of an aluminium tipper platform, we need one with steel sideboards," explains Hermann Kahnenbley.

Enhanced technical developments.

Whereas 20 years ago, time-consuming digging had to be carried out, it is now possible to use vertical drilling. This saves drastic amounts of time and causes less damage to the surrounding ground. Horizontal drilling, micro-tunneling, pipe jacking or even well building accumulate correspondingly vast amounts of drilling mud as a result of high-pressure flushing. This then has to be quickly removed from the construction site. "Without analysing the ground beforehand, we're not allowed to remove anything," explains specialist Kahnenbley. "Only when we know for sure whether and what pollution the ground contains are we allowed to get on with our work."

The Zetros always brings its driver and load to their destination.
The tank body of Kahnenbley's Zetros can hold as many as twelve cubic metres.
There's almost no terrain and no weather which the Special Trucks aren't able to master.
Even in water, the Zetros cuts a fine figure.
The Zetros always brings its driver and load to their destination.

Unimog and Zetros: perfect, hard-working all-rounders

Kahnenbley's company also uses a Mercedes-Benz Zetros in its operations. This specialist vehicle was even briefly loaned to the German army: "At first, they didn't believe us that it was possible for the Zetros and its twelve-cubic-metre tank to get through tough terrain in terrible weather conditions. During the demonstration, they called other colleagues who are responsible for this type of technology at other locations in a bid to convince as many of them of the vehicle's advantages. After our successful Zetros show, numerous models painted in olive green were brought into service," tells Hermann Kahnenbley. His Zetros with all-wheel steering was the first model of its type to be built.

The Unimog and Zetros are two important workhorses for the specialists at Kahnenbley because they were configured specifically in accordance with the company's own requirements. Both vehicles drive under their own power across Germany from construction site to construction site. "The vehicles have agricultural and forestry approval."

The order sheet looks good and Kahnenbley is searching for new drivers. And that despite initially not intending to cover this niche market: "Until 1993, I ran a dairy farm, but then wanted to develop more into a traditional agricultural contractor. But the first contract I received was for waste removal. And it's been that way ever since."

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