The Allgäu farm helper.

Universality is the core competency of Daniel Linder's small business.

A man – a vehicle! The Linder municipal works and transport service business relies on maximum flexibility. With the new Unimog U 430, Daniel Linder now has the ideal vehicle for his job. Because every day poses new challenges: trading in hay and straw in summer; maintaining roadside verges; transporting roof timbers; and in the winter months providing snow and ice clearing services. All in all, the contractor spends as many as 1,400 hours a year at work in the cab of his Unimog. The equipment features  of the new addition, liveried in smart anthracite, are correspondingly flexible.

Its versatility is unique.

The 38 year-old Linder really liked the great flexibility of his previous vehicle – a 400 with mounted agricultural equipment: "Nothing beats a Unimog in terms of speed and flexibility for my jobs maintaining walking paths in a morning and towing my low-loader in the afternoon," he says. When placing his order for the U 430, Daniel Linder relied on the assistance of Unimog distributor Henne to specify an equipment configuration tailored to his particular application needs.

"A particularly important aspect for me was the height-adjustable Scharmüller trailer hitch, which enables me to switch between my hay trailer and the low-loader really quickly," he explains. Another extra which Linder really likes is the EasyDrive hydrostatic traction drive, which he uses mainly when maintaining roadside verges and clearing walking paths. "Henne met my special requirements quickly and in an uncomplicated way," the contractor comments with obvious satisfaction.

Daniel Linder provides transport services for his regular customers. He mainly transports machinery and heavy lumber, including prefabricated house components and complete roof timbers which he delivers from the manufacturer to the final assembly point. "I am constantly amazed at the Unimog's manoeuvrability on-site, which enables me to get closer in than anyone else," he reports with a grin.

I am constantly amazed at the Unimog's manoeuvrability on-site, which enables me to get closer in than anyone else


Daniel Linder, Managing Director Linder Transporte

His main business in summer is transporting hay. In those operations, it's less about the flexibility of the vehicle than about responding spontaneously to orders when the weather is right. The Unimog features a tyre pressure control system as a means of optimising ground clearance when carrying out jobs for agricultural customers. It means Linder is able to adjust the tyre pressure rapidly from wet field to dry asphalt conditions, and so move quickly between fields.


Mulching in summer, brine spraying in winter.

Linder took it to the max in his choice of hydraulics. Flexibility is his maxim. In summer, he works almost every day with his mulcher on behalf of local rural communities; on other days he sprays pesticides on the surrounding fields. That is only possible if he is able to continuously adjust the hydraulics, and has full power available for his mounted equipment. Consequently, the Unimog's specification sheet includes load-sensing hydraulics, tip hydraulics for the flat-bed platform, and an additional hydraulic circuit on the rear.

From October to April, the contractor and his backup driver are permanently on call for winter road clearing services. "Even though state-of-the-art weather apps enable us to plan very well, unforeseen surprises can always occur."

As a result, he has to be ready to respond quickly, mounting his snow plough and brine sprayer in order to keep Roßhaupten and the surrounding area clear of snow and safe for traffic. "We switched to the brine sprayer a few years ago because it enables us to work much more efficiently," the experienced winter service contractor explains. He is also fitted out perfectly for winter road clearing in terms of his vehicle's passive and active lighting. It features height-adjustable high-performance headlights mounted on the A-pillar, while end-outline marker lamps and LED flashing lights at the front and rear provide additional safety.

For Daniel Linder, the new Unimog is more than just a work machine; the comfortable cab is his office. The many hours he spends at the wheel also include coordinating the various jobs – mostly using the vehicle's hands-free system. Although Linder's wife handles the administration back at the home office, he largely manages his business from the wheel of his new 'grey arrow'. And he is glad to climb into his cab every morning, looking forward to a working day full of surprises which he is ideally equipped to handle.

Daniel Linder's new Unimog U 430 in detail.


Source: Unimog Magazine 2/2018
Text: Gerfried Vogt-Möbs
Photos: Henrik Morlock

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