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Thuringian earthwork engineer Simon Weiss capitalises on the diversity of the Unimog U 530.

In the very heart of Germany – at the geographical centre of the Federal Republic – lies the West Thuringian village of Oberdorla. Amidst idyllic landscapes, the company “Weiss Abbruch und Erdbau” is based between Eisenach and Mühlhausen. Its managing director, Simon Weiß is never satisfied with half measures – which is why he is a great fan of his new Unimog U530.

Versatility opens up business opportunities.

With its six employees, the company has a catchment radius of around 80 kilometres and specialises in civil engineering, development work, and landscape gardening. Simon Weiß is constantly endeavouring to expand this range of services and reach places that other contractors and trucks cannot access. The Unimog is the perfect vehicle for this: Its off-road capability, its structural flexibility, its towing capacity and all-wheel drive offer even more possibilities for the company.

Anywhere. In any weather.

With its permanent all-wheel drive, the Unimog is ultra flexible and can access hard-to-reach sites. Its off-road capability makes it virtually unaffected by weather or terrain. The company boss explains: "We can pick up containers on any surface. The Unimog with its special tyres can easily get where other service providers can't take their trucks."

A machine that can clean up after itself.

The high towing capacity allows Weiß to use a low-loader that can carry the machines and materials easily – which further increases the working flexibility: It can load and unload construction container units almost anywhere, but also remove and clear up materials in a single operation. This saves time and keeps the construction sites clean.

In spring and summer, there is usually a lot of work on construction sites and in gardening. With the Unimog, the contractor is expanding his range of services over the winter with the delivery of firewood. The wood is packed in special containers and taken to the customer with the Unimog. It's a welcome sight for them to see their wood neatly packed right on their doorstep in the evening.

A well-considered decision.

As a businessman, he found the decision and purchase process to be extremely positive: With a variety of vehicle configurations available, he ultimately opted for a Unimog in the 500 series – and he got exactly what he needed. By February 2023, his fully equipped Unimog was standing on his courtyard.  
The important aspects for him were its good engine, the long wheelbase, the permanent all-wheel drive, and the innovative transferable steering for outstanding driver comfort and accurate control. The U530 also features a high-performance load-sensing hydraulic system that lets the operator relax and increases performance under extreme conditions.

Optional add-ons for the future.

Another crucial selling point for him was the range of attachment options and their outstanding user-friendliness. Whatever you attach, the available range  is remarkable: “There's nowhere else you can get such a range of all types of front-mounted machinery,” said Herr Weiß in praise of his Unimog.  
These front-mounted implements include for example mowing machinery, which this contractor is already planning to add in the future: Whether it’s a mower for future municipal tenders in landscape maintenance, which he can then retrofit, or a disc-wheel chipper for hobby farming.

Getting sheer power on the road.

Last but not least, the Unimog is powerful and fast. With its 300 hp, the U 530 is very much the equal of conventional trucks: It's powerful on the road – but also in fields and construction sites, because it transmits its power in a unique way. Moreover, he can quickly cover the often long distances between locations, since the Unimog can reach 89 km/h on highways even if it is still towing a packed trailer.

Everything is perfectly coordinated and can be fine-tuned down to the smallest detail.

Simon Weiß, Managing Director of Weiss Abbruch und Erdbau

A lifelong fan.

The many rational arguments for purchasing a Unimog resonated loudly with Herr Weiß, because his fascination with the Unimog already started at a young age: His visits to a family friend who owned two Unimog U 406 vehicles equipped with lumbering winches left a lasting impression on him then: “The seat position, the clear view ahead, what you can add on, that has all been truly fascinating – even in the old model series,” he stated gleefully.  
This enthusiasm had a formative effect on him, and even before he purchased the U530 led him to join the Unimog Club, visit the Unimog Museum, and extensively research the ideal equipment his company could use. In fact, during his years without the Unimog, he kept encountering situations where he thought: “Once again – I could really use a Unimog here.”

An enthusiasm growing at the heart.

The company man is convinced that the Unimog can also offer great added value for other companies, municipalities, and private individuals in his region. The popularity of the Unimog is currently still greater in southern Germany than it is in the central region. But he sees that things are changing: Not only because his Unimog is truly stylish and a real conversation starter, but also because in decision-making positions, “a younger, more tech-savvy generation who have the necessary know-how is making inroads.”  
These are technology fans, with whom he regularly exchanges ideas at trade fairs and exhibitions – as he does every year at the Demopark trade fair in Eisenach, which is held in June and is only half an hour’s drive from his home. “I love being there, and I always hang out a little bit longer because I enjoy talking about the technology and new ways to use the Unimog.”


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