Space for seven.

The all-terrain Unimog U 4023 and U 5023 are now also available in a crewcab version.

Whether it’s in open-cast mining or in other places that are hard to reach, the operating sites of installation crews, land surveying teams or researcher groups are not always located directly on a nearby surfaced road.

The all-terrain U 4023 and U 5023 New Unimogs are now available with a new crewcab for all those who also require greater manpower at remote locations. Yet the vehicles also have ample space for a wide range of bodies. 

As opposed to the standard cab, the crewcab of the New Unimog has a second row at the back of the vehicle. This is available in two versions. The standard-fitted rear bench seat offers room for four passengers. Optionally, two complete individual seats can be installed in the second row. In this configuration, a total of five persons including the driver can be transported.

A wide-opening door behind the front axle, to which a three-stepped entrance leads with a flexible step, enables convenient access to the rear seats on every side of the vehicle. There is space for the tools and working material of the operating teams in the spacious compartments beneath the foldable backseat bench. The personal gear of the passengers therefore is within reach at all times.

Enough space for passengers with helmets.

The low-vibration three-point mounting of the cab and the substantial headroom that also gives passengers wearing helmets plenty of space offer further comfort. The headroom aspect is particularly important, as the crew cab version of the preceding Unimog generation was very frequently ordered by fire services and mining companies, as well as by long-haul travellers. Thanks to the innovative superstructure concept the crew cab weighs only 120 kg more than the standard cab, which means that there are hardly any payload disadvantages with this version.

Except for the engine power take-off, which is no longer on board due to the special-purpose body, all advantages of the new all-terrain Unimog are also retained in the crew cab version. The introduction of the diesel engines in compliance with the European emissions standard Euro VI was accompanied in the case of the all-terrain Unimog, for example, by the development of a new mid-engine concept. The thus optimised distribution of weight makes the vehicle even more efficient in off-road operations. The engine used is the new BlueTec 6 from the OM 934 series, a four-cylinder unit with a power output of 170 kW (231 hp) and a displacement of 5.1 l. Its high degree of efficiency is mirrored in a higher torque of 900 Nm. The technical top speed of 90 km/h is absolutely suitable for longer transport distances and motorway operation.

The Unimog benefits from new interior equipment: a multifunction steering wheel, an adjustable steering column, a steering-column lever, multifunction buttons and an instrument cluster with a large display. A completely new concept has been developed for the tyre pressure control system TireControl plus. The appropriate pre-configured tyre pressure can now be simply and conveniently set in the display for specific applications via the programme selection. The modes ‘Road’, ‘Sand’ and ‘Rough Terrain’ are preset. The crew cab version also shows that the New Unimog clears the way for all operations, even if seven people are needed to do the job. 

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