Cost-effective agriculture
with the Unimog.

Unimog with LoF registration: a host of advantages can be enjoyed now.

If a Unimog is used exclusively for agricultural purposes, its owner is able to apply for LoF (Land and Forestry) registration. And that is well worthwhile, as Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks Unimog product manager Wulf Aurich knows very well: "In every sense of the word. Because in addition to more favourable insurance premiums, there are many other financial advantages," the expert explains.

Benefits in various areas.

Obtaining an LoF registration for the Unimog with code numbers 98 1000 (agricultural tractor) and 89 2000 (implement carrier) opens up a whole range of practical and financial advantages:

  • Possible vehicle tax exemption (green licence plate
  • Toll exemption when agricultural produce is transported by the producer
  • No requirement to qualify as a professional driver
  • Use of a Class T driving licence (from age 16 with reduction to 40 km/h and from age 18 to 60 km/h)
  •  Use of subsidised agricultural diesel fuel
  • Exemption from exhaust emissions inspection
  • Exemption from no-entry into environmental zones
  • Exemption from Sunday and public holiday driving bans
  • Exemption from EU tachograph requirement during operation within a radius of 100 km
  • High trailer loads: no minimum engine output requirement. Up to two trailers can be towed within the permissible gross combination weight of 40 t. Also higher axle, drawbar and trailer loads compared to trucks with ball couplings and height-adjustable coupling systems.
  • Larger permissible vehicle width compared to trucks, up to max. 3 m with corresponding markings.

All in all, farmers who use the Unimog with an LoF registration enjoy considerable financial and practical advantages as a result.

Special application often necessary.

"Every vehicle owner must take the initiative himself," Wulf Aurich emphasises. Most of the concessions available with an LoF registration are not granted automatically, but must be applied for from the relevant authorities and official bodies. "But the effort is certainly worthwhile," the product manager concludes.

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