Unimog at the KWF Show.

Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks at the 17th KWF conference 2016.

Whether it is for tree and brush control, transporting timber or producing wood for use in the energy sector – the Unimog can be used in a multitude of ways in the forestry industry. This was demonstrated at the 17th KWF conference in Roding where various Unimog implement combinations were shown.

The KWF Show in Roding.

The conference of the German Centre for Forest Work and Technology (KWF) is the main international industry event of the year and has been taking place every four years since 1964. Since then the KWF-Tagung became the biggest Forestry Demofair in the world.

In order to accomodate with the diverse range of requirements and circumstances of the european forestry, the KWF takes place at different location every year: 2016 the KWF-Show took place in Roding (Upper Palatinate, Bavaria) from June 9th to 12th.

There, 500 manufacturers from over 20 countries were presenting their latest developments in forestry technology and timber transport on 100 hectares offields and woodland for four days. Traditionally the four-day trade fair consists of the KWF Show (forestry machinesand innovations), excursions for specialists and the conference itself. The Daimler AG could be found at stand B6-205 with several Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks in combinations with various implements, bodies and trailers.

Unimog enables sustainable forestry.

Woods are a complex ecological systemof plants and animals as well as an area of recreation for humans. At the same time they provide both the timber industry and energy sector with the high quality raw material they need and are therefore an important economic factor. To do justice to both the ecological and the economic aspects it is necessary to have sustainable forestry - and with the right vehicle this is not a problem. As a high performance, robust and reliable vehicle, the Unimog is perfect for forestry use and that is why it was also represented at the KWF conference in Roding in mid-june.

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Unimog in forestry

Unimog opens up new markets.

As well as classic tree and brush control andother forestry work, the Unimog is becoming increasingly important for the production ofwood for the energy sector, for instance in the production and transport of shredded wood. As in other areas of use, the Unimog was able to score with its outstanding off-road capabilities and speeds of up to 90 km/h on the road which means that it is safe and efficient both on firm ground as well as in woodland.

Due to its high-performance hydraulic system and its front and rear PTOs, the vehicle can be equipped quite individually with various attachments such as a winch when dangerous trees have to be felled. As well as its off-road capabilities and the portal axles providing great ground clearance, the panoramic cab gives a perfect all-roundview and a better overview of all working or traffic situations. In addition, the central tyre inflation system can be used to adjust the tyre pressure from the driving seat while driving. Surface pressure exerted on the ground canbe lessened and traction increased by increasing the surface contact area; this is ideal for woodland tracks with poor load-bearing qualities. On the road the Unimog can then be driven with a higher tyre pressure which ensures less wear and tear on the tyres and low fuel consumption.

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