A specialist yet
still an all-rounder

The Unimog increases profitability in agriculture. Away from the fields too.

The work of a farmer is labour-intensive and diverse. Vigorous support is needed to complete the work – and for as many jobs as possible. The Unimog is perfectly suited to this because it brings profitability both in the fields and on the road.

However the Unimog is not just an agricultural specialist, but is much more of an all-rounder. Many agricultural contractors and service providers have realised that they can use the Unimog for municipal operations too. And it's worth it.

Flexible in agriculture. From sowing seeds to transportation.

Producing hay alone requires four individual work steps: mowing, turning, swathing and finally pressing the hay bales. Equipped with suitable bodies and attachments, the Unimog is the perfect helper for each of these tasks.

An agricultural professional: the Unimog is flexible, safe and efficient

And that applies for many other agricultural operations. Whether it is used for soil cultivation and plant protection, for sowing seeds or fertilising, liming or silage transportation – thanks to its interfaces as well as the front and rear power lifts, the Unimog can be put to use quickly and without complication in a lot of field works.

As the pressure of growing costs and larger working surfaces increases, speed and smooth workflows become the most important aspects of transportation – and not just in the fields. As it travels between the fields and the unloading location, the Unimog skilfully plays out its strengths, providing for a higher degree of profitability:

  • Payload: the greater the payload possible, the fewer the number of journeys required. The approximately 25 t payload of the Unimog is therefore a particularly significant argument for farmers.
  • Transport speed: with up to 300 hp, the Unimog can reach almost 90 km/h even with a load. As a result, it can also be used as a means of transport on the motorway.
  • EU tractor certification: the Unimog is eligible for an EU tractor certification. This is beneficial to the owner in many ways; for example the vehicle is exempt from tolls and can be operated on Sundays and public holidays. 
  • Low fuel consumption: despite its high performance, the Unimog U 530 offers in transport tasks a consumption advantage of up to 23% fuel compared to tractors of the same power class. This is the result of a survey carried out by the testing centre of the German Agricultural Society (DLG).

The Unimog is kind to the ground and crops.

The Unimog doesn't just make for efficient processes in transport tasks, but also when used in the fields. The decisive factors here are two technical finesses ex factory which conserve both the ground and the crops, thus increasing yields.

A large problem caused by agricultural vehicles is the damage to crops that they leave behind. Each time a plant is squashed by the rear wheels and destroyed, the yield is reduced. The steering rear axle on the Unimog avoids this damage. The rear wheels remain in the tracks created by the front tyres. Thus protecting the crop to the best possible degree.

At the same time the central tyre inflation system ensures that the ground is interfered with as little as possible. Before the Unimog rolls onto the field, the driver can reduce the tyre pressure by simply pressing a button directly on the steering wheel. The weight of the vehicle is thus optimally distributed across the surface, preventing the tyres from sinking in. Back on the road, the driver changes the tyre mode back to asphalt which reduces consumption and improves road-holding.

The farmer about town. Helping out municipalities.

The Unimog remains useful, even after the harvest is done. Agricultural contractors and service providers can then take on municipal tasks and thus secure a lucrative input source.

Impressive municipal assistant: During the cold season, the Unimog provides winter services.
For forestry operations, the Unimog can be equipped with a crane.
Due to the changeable steering system Unimog drivers have a good view on their work place and bodybuilding during the maintenance of green areas and mowing.
Impressive municipal assistant: During the cold season, the Unimog provides winter services.

The Unimog is predestined for winter service operations. Thanks to all-wheel drive and a low track width, it gets through where other vehicles have to give up. Furthermore in just a few steps it can be equipped with specific bodies and attachments for gritting or clearing roads. Thus even if winter descends unexpectedly, the vehicle can be equipped for operations immediately.

Agricultural and forestry approval provides numerous advantages for the Unimog

And even if there is no snow on the ground, the Unimog can still earn money effectively. Then it can tackle maintenance of wood and green areas which also needs doing. These operations also contribute towards the all-rounder working to full capacity all year through and thus ensuring high operational profitability.

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