Working hard for agriculture.

Crossling Contractors is impressed by the Zetros as a manure spreader down under.

Australia attracts six million tourists a year. This is not just due to the breathtaking flora and fauna, but to the Aussies' welcoming hospitality too. John Crossling is one of them. He can call the country that others view as a dream destination his home. He, his brother Damien and their father Colin all work in agriculture, with their family business Crossling Contractors. Their father founded the firm 40 years ago, and 17 years ago he passed the management on to his sons.

And to make sure the family business continues to run so successfully, the Crossling trio took another reliable companion on board: the Zetros with all-wheel drive can drive on tracks and roads where large trucks usually capitulate. Its mission is to spread fertilisers.

Once Mercedes-Benz, always Mercedes-Benz.

Crossling Contractors was the first firm in Australia to use the unique Zetros as a 4x4 bonneted truck for spreading fertiliser, gypsum, lime and soil improvers. Until now, the company had an Axor in operation, that served faithfully for seven years, to the full satisfaction of its owners. So it was natural they chose another Mercedes-Benz. The family firm Crossling Contractors chose a Zetros, particularly because of its outstanding offroad capabilities.

The Zetros does everything you ask, and the Allison automatic is absolutely brilliant.


John Crossling, owner of Crossling Contractors

Vehicle equipment optimised for drivers and terrain.

Conditions in Australia can be extreme - just the right terrain for the Zetros. The powerful special truck easily masters hard ground or difficult terrain, because the Zetros with its differential lock in front, middle and rear guarantees optimum all-terrain qualities. And the driver benefits from the extensive equipment too: the spacious, ergonomic bonnet cab is a big plus, so that the driver can enjoy full comfort.

The wide tyres are excellent for use on fields and in uneven, rough terrain, says managing director John Crossling. Australia is a country of extremes, and the Zetros is made for extremes. Other Zetros trucks sold down under are used as mining trucks, fire fighting trucks and maintenance trucks for remote, inaccessible electric power lines.

Zetros the achiever at a glance.

  • Available as 4x4 or 6x6 configuration
  • Powerful 7.2-litre six-cylinder engine
  • 330 hp (221 kW)
  • 1300 Nm torque
  • Three differential locks for better off-road capability
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