Desert hero from
the Persian Gulf.

Towing, recovering and repairing: Mercedes-Benz Mobile Service in Kuwait uses the Zetros.

The Emirate of Kuwait on the Persian Gulf consists mainly of the ad-Dibdiba desert, but the urban area of Kuwait City also continues to expand. A change that is accompanied by many large construction projects – currently, more than 30,000 houses are being built. And numerous trucks and construction site vehicles are, of course, needed to achieve this. Every day, they have to cope with demanding tasks in the sheer heat and vast amounts of dust.

So it's inevitable that the odd truck here or there will reach its limits at some point. Repair and recovery work or even towing services must be carried out during regular operations. And that's where the Al Mulla Automobiles Co. company comes into play. The service provider relies on a special truck with a star for their Mercedes-Benz Mobile Service: the Zetros 3643A 6x6.

In the video: Mercedes-Benz Mobile Service in action.

Flexible concept for difficult transport requirements.

Whether on difficult roads or in the desert – the Zetros is there when you need it. Its legendary reliability, durability and ease of maintenance are all hallmarks of the Special Truck. Its adaptable and flexible concept is ready to meet all transport requirements and to facilitate the assembly and operation of all types of bodies.

Zetros assists Costa Rica's bomberos in their rescue operations.

Al Mulla Automobiles uses a Zetros with powerful recovery arm from EMPL for towing trucks. The Special Truck is operated by specially trained heavy-haulage drivers who have plenty of experience in the sometimes complicated recovery of trucks. Professionals among professionals.

Mercedes-Benz Mobile Service worldwide.

Wherever you use your vehicle, Mercedes-Benz is close at hand. With around 5,000 authorised workshops in over 160 countries, Mercedes-Benz Mobile Service is quickly on the scene. With great know-how and fast availability of spare parts.

Developed for the most difficult terrain.

The extreme conditions in the Kuwaiti desert are no match for the all-wheel drive Zetros. Its tyre pressure control system adjusts the inflation of the tyres to the ground conditions at the push of a button, which means changing from the road to sand is no problem. The powerful Special Truck thus always guarantees optimum off-road mobility and, as a recovery vehicle with the BISON recovery winch, demonstrates outstanding performance when pulling out vehicles which are stuck in the sand – and all that without damaging the components of the vehicle.


In addition to complex towing operations, the Zetros all-rounder is also used in the Persian Gulf for recovering vehicles following an accident or a breakdown. These are then taken directly to the nearest certified Mercedes-Benz workshop for repair. And best of all: all customers of Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles benefit from the Mobile Service free-of-charge in conjunction with their service contract. With this all-round carefree package, the customer can concentrate fully on their actual work – and in an emergency, a phone call is all it takes.

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