Flood helpers in the desert state.

Unimog for flood operations with special equipment from NAFFCO.

The Arabian Peninsula has a hot, dry desert climate almost all year round. However, during the summer months from June to September, extremely heavy rainfall regularly  can flood entire areas within a very short time. Then special vehicles are needed that can master this special combination of soil conditions and water level - like the Unimog emergency vehicles equipped by NAFFCO.

When the desert becomes a river.

When heavy rain flooded large areas in the Middle East last year, many traffic routes were no longer accessible in a very short time. The result: entire towns remained cut off from the outside world for days. Most of the emergency workers' vehicles were unable to make progress on the paths affected by water and landslides. Exception: the Unimog.

Thanks to their unique chassis, the specially equipped Unimog are not only designed for extreme off-road use, but also have a wading ability of up to 1.2 m. And that, as has often been shown, makes the difference in the decisive case.

Top equipment for rescue missions.

The robust rescue vehicle is based on the proven chassis of the Unimog U 5000 with torsion-free body and portal axles. The engine offers enough power reserves even in extreme situations with 160 kW/218 hp. And there is also a strong team: there is space for up to six rescue workers in the enlarged cabin.

The additional equipment for the Unimog was implemented by the specialists from the bodybuilder NAFFCO from Dubai, which specializes in the equipment of fire and rescue vehicles. An aluminium box body with five roller shutter cupboards offers plenty of storage space for tools and aids for the emergency services. Also on board: a 3 m long, inflatable lifeboat. In an emergency, this can be quickly loaded and unloaded using a specially developed ramp.

Hydraulic winches with a pulling force of up to 6 t on the front and rear of the vehicle enable rescue missions even in complicated situations. A telescopic light mast that can be extended by up to 6 m with the latest LED technology ensures optimal illumination of the surroundings during rescue operations. On request, the NAFFCO Unimog can also be equipped with fire extinguishing equipment for active fire fighting.


Mobile pumping power.

In order to protect particularly vulnerable areas, floating pumps are often used in the event of flooding. Even in difficult circumstances, the Unimog cannot be disturbed. Its two high-performance pumps together achieve an output of 24,000 l/min. The necessary power is supplied by a generator which, thanks to IP54 certification, can also be used in heavy rain.

Self-sufficient, mobile, powerful - the Unimog knows no comfort zone. On the Arabian Peninsula, he proves that with his vehicle base made in Germany and the equipment provided by regional, specialized bodybuilders, he does not have to shy away from challenges such as floods.

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