Clean slate.

Two Unimog U 530 in white paintwork provide Hälbich contractors with more safety.

Agricultural & forestry services are seldom clean – if you have to work in the fields, you have to scrub afterwards. This has not stopped the Hälbich company in Eiselfing, located in the Upper Bavarian district of Rosenheim, from ordering its two new Unimog U 530 in white paint. On the contrary: Managing Director Eberhard Hälbich deliberately chose the colour. "For safety reasons," he says.

Visibility creates security.

"White is our company colour, almost all our machines are white", says the managing director and owner of Hälbich Dienstleistungs GmbH. But that alone was not the deciding factor in the choice of vehicle paintwork for the two new Unimog U 530. Eberhard Hälbich explains his decision: "White is a colour that can be seen well even in poor weather or light conditions." This creates additional safety during work.

"The Unimog is a very flexible vehicle and can be used in many situations and areas because it can be combined with countless attachments and superstructures," says Eberhard Hälbich. Depending on the season, he and his 35-strong team use various mowers, tippers, watering bodies, a sweeper, a snow plough and bush chippers.

The tasks that can be carried out with them are wide-ranging. From mowing work on motorways, federal roads and for communities to transport on a low loader: everyday life at Hälbich is varied. The all-rounder from Mercedes-Benz is also used in traffic safety.


Choice of colour is not only a matter of taste.

Even if a white truck is not uncommon, a green paint scheme is often chosen in agriculture and forestry, confirms Unimog dealer Harry Medl, who is responsible for the Hälbich company on behalf of Henne Nutzfahrzeuge GmbH on site and was also a partner in the procurement and takeover of the two new Unimog. "Mr. Hälbich has set himself a distinguishing mark with the colour white in his fleet. In the municipal sector, all vehicles are orange. But since he also works for the local authorities and road construction offices, this colour is a distinctive feature," the Unimog professional thinks.

Completely independent of the colour and a decisive factor is of course the performance of the Unimog. "The biggest pro argument is that the Unimog is a universal implement carrier that can be converted in a short time and, thanks to its manoeuvrability and a maximum speed of 90 km/h, can carry out off-road operations even under the most extreme conditions," continues Harry Medl. The 7.7-l engines of the two new Unimog in Eiselfing each generate 220 kW (290 hp). Other equipment highlights include the load-dependent brake system, rain sensor, load-sensing system, central tire inflation system and air conditioning.

Almost 30 years of Daimler trucks and no end in sight.

Eberhard Hälbich purchased his first Unimog as early as 1992. The fleet of his company now comprises over 40 machines and vehicles. In addition to his Unimog, a tractor rarity is particularly close to his heart. "I have been fascinated by MB-trac and Unimog since my youth. In my training company we also had an MB-trac and a Unimog."

The production of the tractor series was stopped in 1991. But especially the white MB-trac have become a hobby for Eberhard Hälbich. His specimens are also used in the company, especially at peak times. "And with their colour, they naturally fit in perfectly with our other machines and vehicles," says the entrepreneur, who attaches great importance to a clean slate when it comes to safety.

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