Generation change for the fire brigade.

The Matzelsdorf fire station only has eyes for the Unimog.

And it's been a 38-year relationship so far. They've been able to rely on each other through thick and thin, have mastered innumerable sticky situations together and have teamed up to fight back the flames. Two strong partners. But now, for the Unimog from 1981 its time to hang up its gloves as an emergency response vehicle at the Matzelsdorf fire station and take on a new role in winter service operations for the market town of Millstatt.

But the fire bridge in Matzelsdorf can't and won't imagine life without a Unimog. And so the team from the Kärnten area have nabbed themselves the latest LFA Unimog U 218 with taillift. After all, you can only really replace a Unimog with a Unimog.

Versatile in operation: the Unimog U 218.

From a fire-fighting point of view, the Unimog 218 is a real enrichment for the operational team in Matzelsdorf, as Commander Hubert Kramer confirms. With the Special Truck from Mercedes-Benz, even demanding tasks can be mastered with ease. And that's thanks to the "small" Unimog winning points in all disciplines: optimal traction and directionally-stable driving characteristics come courtesy of the permanent all-wheel-drive system, plus the vehicle is especially frugal when it comes to fuel consumption, not to mention being extremely easy to manoeuvre. The Unimog U 218 has everything it needs for a varied range of operations in the field of rural firefighting.

The operational area of the Matzelsdorf firefighters extends from Lake Millstatt right as far as the Nockberge Biosphere Park. Among other things, this can mean that the team are subject to operations at an altitude of 2500 m. But with the Unimog U 218 by their side, that's also child's play.

Unimog U 218 in operation for the Oer-Erkenschwick fire brigade.

We can be grateful and proud that the market town of Millstatt and Kärnten's Fire Brigade Federation approved our recommendations for this emergency vehicle.


Hubert Kramer, Commander at Matzelsdorf Fire Station

The fire brigade and the municipality are both fulfilling their dream of having a Unimog.

Hubert Kramer shares his immense thanks with the Nusser company from Feldkirchen. The collaboration during the build of the fire appliance was very useful and expedient, both for Nusser and for the firefighters in Matzelsdorf. Kramer and his 41 active firefighters couldn't imagine life without the 11-tonne all-wheel-drive fire appliance. A fifth of the financing for the vehicle and the implements required came from the team of firefighters themselves. And the local population also did their bit too. A town fulfils their dream of a 220-hp Unimog U 218 with 5132 cc displacement. The best conditions for safe operations.

131 reasons to celebrate.

On 20 July 2019, Matzelsdorf Fire Station celebrated 130 years since it first opened. And if that wasn't already reason enough: they also celebrated the inauguration of their new Unimog fire tender.

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