14 victories in a row.

Unimog is the off-roader of the year 2018.

As an extreme off-roading all-rounder, the Unimog pushes the limits for places that can be reached and likes to travel off the beaten track. But in one respect it always stays on a straight course: it never leaves the road to success. 

For decades, the Unimog has been one of the leaders in special vehicles. This was also the view of the readers of the "Off Road" trade magazine, who, for the 14th time in succession, voted it off-roader of the year in the "Special Vehicles" category. The Unimog thus remains the proud record winner in its class for this award which has been determined by means of a survey since 1982.

The vote: consistent and uncompromising – just like the Unimog.

Karl-Heinz Focks of Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks accepted the prize at the award ceremony at the beginning of June – and was visibly delighted about the never-ending series of victories: "Dear Off Road readers, thank you for this vote. To be voted off-roader of the year 14 times in a row – I dare anyone to try and top that!"


To be voted off-roader of the year 14 times in a row – I dare anyone to try and top that!


Karl-Heinz Focks, Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks

The category in which the Unimog competed could not have been more aptly described. After all, the Mercedes-Benz all-rounder is undeniably a special vehicle. Whether as an expedition vehicle in the Andes at an altitude of 4000 m, as a fire engine extinguishing forest fires in blazing heat or maintaining the connection to remote farms with its fording depth of 1.20 m during floods.

"Wherever a Unimog appears, there are special challenges – and we have designed it for them," says Karl-Heinz Focks, emphasising the flexibility and performance of the vehicle concept. Next year, the Unimog will once again demonstrate its advantages in a wide variety of applications worldwide. And is certainly a title favourite for the 2019 Off Road award.

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