A toy for big kids.

Self-sufficient travels through Europe with the U 5023.

Driving off-road gets Uwe Stamm's pulse racing. "My wife and I both have the same problem," he says, climbing up into his U 5023. The Stamm family put together a very impressive Unimog together with Dutch bodybuilder Bliss Mobil from Breda. "We opted for a 13-foot camper cabin from Bliss because we were fascinated by the fully electric concept."

Enthusiasm that unites.

Just how convinced Uwe Stamm is by the concept can be seen from the fact that he returned to Bliss to develop a new 8-foot cabin for his Dodge RAM. "People take photos of the Unimog wherever we park it up and they want to know all about it." Since Uwe Stamm took delivery of his Unimog this year, he doesn't want to get out of it! He is overjoyed by his new toy.

Unimog U 5023 with body from Bliss Mobil convinces in journalist test.

The Bliss cabin and 500-litre fresh water tank were barely installed before he took the vehicle on a week-long trip across Germany. "My wife Elke and I had to get used to the vehicle and try everything out." After a test drive passed with flying colours, the pair set off for a nine-week tour of Scandinavia, culminating in a trip to the North Cape. Despite corona virus travel restrictions in Norway, it was an unforgettable 12,000-kilometre road trip for the pair from Solingen in Germany. Back home, the couple run a car dealership with more than 50 employees and are also one of the biggest Dodge RAM dealerships in Europe.

Exciting concept.

In their Unimog, the Stamm family had everything installed that the Mercedes-Benz wish list had to offer – except agricultural technology that is! Bodybuilder Hellgeth Spezialfahrzeugbau converted all of the Unimog's lights to LED technology. And then a big generator was also installed.

Andreas Hellgeth in an interview.

"We run everything electrically – underfloor heating, hob, air conditioning or even the outdoor BBQ." And to that end, the vehicle is equipped with a roof-mounted 960-watt solar system. Two lithium-ion battery packs supply the 24-volt system which is designed for use with 220 volts and features a 5 kW voltage converter. "Our battery will never be empty," promises Stamm. "We can live self-sufficiently for at least a week, even if we're parked in the shade. We were completely won over by the completely electric concept at Bliss.

Project implemented in collaboration with Unimog general distributor:

Videos of road trips and expeditions with the Unimog can be found at @TourTips-Unimog-Reisen.

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