That's what winners look like.

Unimog and Racing Team are powerful. Not only under the bonnet.

The Unimog Racing Team from Eggenstein near Karlsruhe finished first at the Offroad Rallye Breslau in 2017 - with a Unimog that they converted themselves. In 2019 you managed a clear victory for the second time, this time with the successor car, the RennMog II. Basis for this success: Good performance. In the team. And under the bonnet.

The way to the 2019 Rallye Breslau.

Team and technology make the difference.

The crew around driver Steffen Braun knows that too. Together, they made the RennMog II in over 1,800 hours of work the real off-road trump card for the rally in Poland. And, as navigator Christian Koepke proudly emphasizes, this is "clearly superior to the competition on the slopes".

Why is that and what technical curiosities hide under the black and yellow exterior? This is best explained by Steffen Braun and Christian Koepke.

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