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The Unimog U 4023 as an expedition truck.

The expedition vehicle based on the Unimog U 4023, available from sales partner RKF-Bleses, makes travellers feel at home anywhere in the world. Branch manager Jörg Krause explains: “When you combine the extreme off-road capabilities of the Unimog with the comfort of a motorhome, the travel possibilities are unlimited.”

An ideal travel companion.

Who hasn’t dreamed of exploring the world untethered from the shackles of civilisation? The Unimog U 4023 quickens the pulse of all adventurers with its offroad capability and robustness. From rallies to hunting trips or holidays in remote places: the expedition vehicle from RKF-Bleses is a reliable companion.

During the pandemic era, the Unimog general distributor, which has stood for expertise and reliability for 70 years, has seen an increasing number of enquiries. After all, those who can take their holiday home with them wherever they go have a greater level of independence. And what vehicle promises more freedom than the extreme offroad Unimog?

The Unimog is well-known as an all-rounder. However, this not only refers to its use as a commercial vehicle, but also to travelling with the “Mog”. With its riding comfort and ease of operation, this workhorse with extreme offroad capabilities is well-known and popular among offroad fans. It is not for nothing that the Unimog U 4023 was nominated by RKF-Bleses for this year’s Off Road Award in the “Touring Vehicles” category.

With its portal axles, differential locks and extremely torsionally flexible frame, the Unimog U 4023 can clear almost any hurdle in offroad terrain. Thanks to its fording capability of 1.2 m, it can also cross rivers easily. Whether sand, mud or forest soil: the optional tyre pressure control system, which is available ex-works, adapts to all surface conditions so that travellers never get stuck.

The acquisition of the demonstration vehicle was a logical step for RKF-Bleses. After all, “a special-purpose vehicle like this one has to be seen to be believed,” says Jörg Krause. “Since we’ve had the Unimog available for viewing as a demonstration vehicle, it has been met with consistently positive reactions. It’s a really impressive truck and known for inspiring wanderlust.”

As individual as your journey.

For Jörg Krause, the Unimog is the perfect companion on offroad expeditions, above all on account of its adaptability: “It’s not for nothing that it has gained a reputation as an all-rounder. Not least its outstanding ride comfort and ease of operation are deciding factors for us. We want to pass these attributes on to customers – wherever their journey takes them.”

This means that at RKF-Bleses, virtually no customer request is left unfulfilled. Professional advice and customisation of the expedition vehicle’s cab come as standard at the Unimog general distributor from North Rhine-Westphalia. Various technical modifications can be made ex-works. Close cooperation with the bodybuilders makes it possible to realise unlimited individual requests.

Thanks to its robustness and torsional rigidity, the touring vehicle’s specially manufactured cab is capable of withstanding even the toughest conditions. Passage from the living quarters to the cab is effortless thanks to the two sliding doors. The seven-step pull-out ladder also makes disembarking from the vehicle extremely convenient.

Cab details

  • Exterior dimensions: 4.110 mm x 2.410 mm x 2.380 mm
  • Interior dimensions: 4.000 mm x 2.300 mm x 2.180 mm
  • LED position lamps
  • Roof insulation: 70 mm
  • Front wall insulation: 45 mm
  • Side wall insulation: 45 mm
  • Side door frame in stainless steel, installation dimensions: as required
  • Floor with four 60 mm steel cross members

The Unimog is one of the most popular all-terrain touring vehicles in part because of the robust Mercedes-Benz “ecosystem”, as Jörg Krause puts it. All of their components are thoroughly tested, of the highest quality and guarantee maximum reliability. In addition, a worldwide network of certified Mercedes-Benz service partners is available for servicing, maintenance and repairs. This means that interruptions – if they occur at all – are only brief, thanks to rapid assistance with genuine parts.

For anyone who has ever driven the Unimog offroad, there is no going back. The all-rounder vehicle makes it possible to travel in a safe, adventurous and simultaneously comfortable way that is unparalleled. “Anyone who wants to feel at home on the road drives a Unimog,” says Jörg Krause.

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