A special encounter.

Expeditions Vehicle from Bliss Mobil.

Exclusive comfort meets great off-roading capabilities – the Unimog U 5023 with a body from Bliss Mobil wowed our journalists in the latest test. The Unimog with Bliss Mobil body can tackle almost any challenge, despite carrying a small luxury apartment on its shoulders.

A travel-ready Unimog for tours, expeditions and rallies.

From the outside: as simple as a freight container. From the inside: a true revelation. When you step inside the Bliss Mobil body for the Unimog U 5023 extreme off-roader, you suddenly find yourself in a luxury apartment. The front panels are made of bamboo and the surfaces from Corian, whilst the relaxing furniture is covered with high-value textiles. Two roof hatches and five windows ensure a bright interior, while a powerful climate control system and underfloor heating maintain a comfortable room temperature in both the hottest and coldest of climes. The cabin's slightly raised air pressure keeps annoying insects at bay.

Comfortable off-road.

All the assurance you'll need that the Dutch manufacturer's apartment on wheels will take you safely and comfortably to your destination: the Unimog U5023 extreme off-roader has a 170 kW common-rail diesel engine, torsionally flexible frame, portal axles, three differential locks, TireControl plus central tyre inflating system, and all-wheel drive, all of which allow it to overcome any off-road terrain. Even water can't hold it back: the Unimog U 5023 can ford through water up to 1.20 m deep.

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Comfort in the day, comfort at night.

The kitchen area features an induction hob, oven, microwave, fridge and freezer – making possible a whole host of culinary delights which globetrotters of times gone by could only have dreamed about. A comfortable couch provides the space you need to enjoy your meal, while a 16-litre boiler delivers hot water for the subsequent washing up and the spacious shower cubicle. Fitted space-savingly beneath the two-metre-high ceiling, the 140 x 200 centimetre double bed promises a relaxing night's sleep. The ingenious thing about it is that it has electronically controlled suspension to allow the bed to stay horizontal even when the Unimog with Bliss Mobil body has been parked in tough off-road terrain. All electronic systems of the Bliss Mobil body can also be controlled using an iPad or iMac.

The Bliss Mobil vehicle is amazing. Firstly, because I really appreciate having good food while I'm on my travels. Secondly, because I also use a Unimog at our vineyards: a U 403 from 1971, which still performs its duties perfectly.


Michael Holler, Winegrower

Solar modules to produce electricity.

But where do you get your electricity when you're in the middle of the wilderness? The engine of the base vehicle charges eight lithium-ion batteries during the journey. Furthermore, four mono-crystalline solar modules on the roof collect the sun's energy. Even water in the desert isn't a problem: the tank cells can store 480 litres of fresh water and 170 litres of rain water. As an option, Bliss Mobil can even supply a water treatment unit. Anyone who would like to experience the exclusive package which the Bliss Mobil apartment and Unimog U 5023 offers can even rent one: Bliss Mobil is currently parking up a small worldwide fleet of travel-ready Unimog vehicles, which can be used for guided tours, events or for individual holidays.

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