Firefighting in the
tightest of spaces.

The compact Unimog U 218 is extremely manoeuvrable and suitable for off-road use.

Narrow alleys, dense forest paths, little time: when every second counts, firefighting vehicles have to meet the highest standards. The Unimog U 218 is the ideal partner for fire brigades where manoeuvrability, off-road capabilities and equipment expertise are required. Together with the Italian body manufacturer BAI, Unimog general distributor Henne Nutzfahrzeuge GmbH and Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks are now in a position to present an extremely manoeuvrable equipment variant of the Unimog.

A small high-tech wonder.

The Mercedes-Benz Unimog U 218 is the smallest implement carrier in its class. Thanks to its compact dimensions and short wheelbase it delivers absolute flexibility. Nevertheless, the Special Truck scores points with its powerful engine which enables the emergency services to carve their path even through rough terrain. Portal axles and permanent all-wheel drive also make it the first choice for operations off the beaten track, such as for fighting forest and vegetation fires.

Fighting vegetation fires worldwide with the Unimog

Environmentally friendly when in action: thanks to its low gross weight and efficient Euro VI engine, the Unimog U 218 is a low-emission and fuel-efficient vehicle.
Manoeuvrability matters: its compact design makes the Unimog U 218 the first choice when it comes to negotiating narrow alleys.
Every second counts: and that's why all of the equipment in the body can be reached quickly and easily.
Strong lifeline: with the powerful front winch, emergency services can recover other vehicles or remove obstacles.
Careful driving: the driver of the Unimog always remains in control thanks to the panoramic windscreen and rear view camera.
Firefighting while driving: the pivoting front jet can be operated directly from the driver's seat. Ideal for firefighting in forests and vegetation.
Environmentally friendly when in action: thanks to its low gross weight and efficient Euro VI engine, the Unimog U 218 is a low-emission and fuel-efficient vehicle.

2000 litres of water on-board.

The Unimog U 218 BAI VSAF 2000 is a universally applicable firefighting vehicle thanks to the tailor-made equipment developed as part of successful co-operations with body manufacturers. The extremely light and non-rusting body made of unwelded aluminium profile structures by BAI Brescia Antincendi International Srl not only offers space for 2000 litres of water for firefighting, but also a number of other operational advantages.

Thanks to the low weight of the body, an impressive amount of equipment can be carried along. The roof of the Unimog is also accessible by ladder. The electric Warn Zeon 12 cable winch with 30 m cable length can be easily controlled from the driver's cab. On each side, the Unimog has a waterproof and dustproof, lockable compartment with roller shutters made of lightweight metal, whose LED lighting is automatically activated upon opening. For easier loading and unloading, fold-out running boards are installed on both sides of the body.

The extinguishing systems on-board the Unimog are designed both for classic firefighting operations as well as for the specific requirements of off-road use. The Godiva two-stage water pump can be operated at either 10 bar or 40 bar water pressure. It simultaneously also supplies water to the fire engine's self-protection system: its six nozzles protect the front and rear wheels of the Unimog from heat and flames in off-road fires. A high-pressure foam inductor for the production of extinguishing foam is also on board.

The front jet mounted on the front bumper delivers up to 400 l/min. The water cannon, which can be rotated through 180°, can be operated directly from the cab using a joystick.

BAI Brescia Antincendi International S.r.l

Since its foundation in 1991, the company based in northern Italy, has specialised in the development and equipping of firefighting, rescue and disaster relief vehicles. In the meantime it has become one of the leading manufacturers in Europe. A close partnership with Mercedes-Benz has existed since 2010, and BAI has been an officially certified partner of Mercedes-Benz Trucks since 2017.

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Top-class lighting concept.

The electric emergency system BAI DIAMOND uses LED blue lights on the cab roof and behind the body to ensure good visibility of the vehicle. Blue LEDs on the front and a siren round off the signalling system. In addition, further LED lights are mounted on the sides, the running boards and the roof to provide the best-possible lighting when accessing the equipment in the body at any time of day or night.

The engineers have thought of everything.

Another highlight of the Unimog model from BAI: the quick-start kit, with which all systems can be put into emergency readiness mode at the touch of a button located on the left-hand side of the vehicle. The all-round carefree package of the Unimog is rounded off by a rear-view camera.

Emergency services that rely on the new Unimog U 218 BAI VSAF 2000 thus get a true all-rounder that is ideal for operations in winding city centres as well as for forest fires and off-road rescue operations.


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