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Keeping the municipal ball rolling: Unimog with HEN roll-off system.

Conversion from a transport vehicle to a winter service specialist in a matter of minutes: the Unimog can adapt to new requirements in the time it takes for the weather to change. Certified bodybuilders work with Unimog on an ongoing basis to achieve this result, developing perfectly coordinated solutions for vehicles and implements.

A partnership of just this kind was responsible for the roll-off system: a fast-action logistics concept. HEN Fahrzeugtechnik, UnimogPartner by Mercedes Benz, is offering users the opportunity to convert their Unimog in a matter of minutes – for example, from a standard dump box to an automatic spreader.

Perfect interaction between two all-rounders.

Dump boxes are used all year round for a whole variety of tasks in municipal work, from taking away branches and foliage to transporting road salt in the winter. This makes them ideal body solutions for the Unimog, which is usually in use all year round by local authorities.

The roll-off system developed by HEN are firmly bolted to the frame of the Unimog in accordance with the bodywork guidelines. To convert the Unimog with a steel dump box for plant material for winter service use, the roller frame with, say, a spreader attached, is simply hauled on using a single-arm lifting mechanism.

The highly manoeuvrable Unimog U 218 is an outstanding performer in areas where space is restricted.
Easy to dump loads thanks to the pivoted swing tailgate.
The hydraulic lock can be released easily from the driver’s cab.
When the locking mechanism is closed, the container is secured safely to the vehicle.
The central control unit is easily accessible from its position integrated into the side of the vehicle.
When folded down, the dump box tailgate enables vehicle access for loading and unloading.
Practical integrated lashing eyes allow loads to be safely secured.
The highly manoeuvrable Unimog U 218 is an outstanding performer in areas where space is restricted.

Clever solutions for municipal applications.

A whole variety of dump box types are available for the Unimog to cover the full range of municipal logistics needs. This degree of flexibility makes the vehicle a reliable and, moreover, efficient partner for every application, however specific. For example: HEN AG multi-function containers with cage attachments can be adapted to accommodate larger volumes of cuttings, leaves or grass. Practical lashing eyes on the floor and rear wall ensure that loads can be transported securely.

Complete control of roll-off and tipping.

Thanks to a hydraulic locking system, containers are securely fixed in place on the vehicle when on the road. The locking mechanism is easily released at the touch of a button when it is time to unload the container. And the best thing of all is that if the skip needs to be tipped, for example to unload road salt, the hydraulic catch remains locked and the body securely attached to the roll-off frame and the vehicle.

All the functions of the roll-off system can be controlled conveniently from the driver’s cab of the Unimog. A remote control unit is optionally available if the application requires it.

Compact and manoeuvrable.

With its compact design, the single-arm hook-type lifting system makes optimum use of the space behind the cab. This reduces the rear overhang of the dump box to a minimum, ensuring that the weight of the load is evenly distributed over the axles. This means the dump box can take a high payload – while the relatively compact dimensions of the Unimog ensure the vehicle is always highly manoeuvrable. This is of particular benefit where space is at a premium in the centre of a town or village.

More about HEN-AG.

HEN-AG is a company based in Steinheim-Höpfigheim; it has been developing practical and innovative all-round solutions for forest and farm road maintenance, road building and special-purpose vehicle engineering since 1999. These include everything from simple levelling blades to special road milling machines and innovative road construction concepts. HEN-AG attaches particular importance to guaranteeing the economic efficiency of its machines and providing a speedy service for its customers. HEN-AG has been a certified UnimogPartner by Mercedes-Benz since June 2017.

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