Unimog U 218 takes over.

The U 218 is attractively priced and efficient in operation.

Unimog implement carriers are really popular with municipal authorities and at works depots. Frequently, the vehicles remain in operation for 20 years or more. But there comes a time when even the longest-lasting Unimog has to stand down and be replaced. The U 218 is the very best successor to Unimog vehicles that have provided years of service in many different areas. The U 218 is also a great choice for newcomers to the world of the Unimog.

Attractively priced and efficient in operation

With its attractive purchase price, the U 218 has a lot to offer which enables it to carry out any typical municipal task reliably all year round. Whether it's winter service operations, road maintenance, mowing in summer or transport tasks: the "little" Unimog with three different weights from 7.0 t to 10 t is suited to a variety of tasks.

The output of the four-cylinder 130 kW (177 hp) engine is adequate for numerous challenges. The permanent all-wheel drive and the chassis concept provide optimum traction and directional stability – even for clearing snow in snowstorms, or when working off-road. With its hydraulic and mechanical implement drives and a front PTO shaft, many implements can be attached and changed quickly. This versatility and all-round usage are advantages which provide true economies.

The Unimog U 218 is economical to drive and offers ergonomic operation.

For many municipal authorities and depots, the deciding factor is to work cost-effectively at all times. Here too, the U 218 is an ideal candidate: with its new Euro 6 engine technology, it has low fuel consumption and is still powerful when in use. Also, the U 218 is equipped with modern, low-emission exhaust gas technology, which guarantees environmentally conscious operation.

At 2.15 m wide, the compact implement carrier is remarkably slim and agile.

At 2.15 m wide, the compact implement carrier is remarkably slim and agile. Even on narrow roads and in two-way traffic, the U 218 finds its way. The reason for that: the 12.6 m turning circle is comparable with that of many cars. Also, the modern panorama cab provides an ideal view of the working area and the traffic situation. This makes operating the new U 218 safe and ergonomic.

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