Ensuring safe driving
throughout the Palatinate region.

LBM sees the Unimog as a sound investment as part of their fleet modernisation.

In all, 22 new Unimog vehicles will now ensure the roads are clear in Rhineland-Palatinate – throughout the whole year. Landesbetrieb Mobilität Rheinland-Pfalz (LBM; state-run agency for mobility in Rhineland-Palatinate) provides the comprehensively equipped Special Trucks vehicles to motorway works yards and road maintenance yards. Their core tasks are maintenance of constructions, maintenance of green areas, cleaning and winter service work.

Mowing 24,000 football pitches per year.

The task which takes the biggest share of the new Unimog's time is maintenance of green areas. Around a quarter of all operations carried out throughout the course of the year are spent mowing grass verges, cutting overhead clearances and on tree and brush control. Particularly at road junctions, this ensures better sight and light conditions.

Each year, innumerable amounts of square metres are worked on. LBM's motorway works yards and road maintenance yards annually mow an area of grass measuring around 170 million square metres – that corresponds to an area of approximately 24,000 football pitches.

By opting for the Unimog, LBM is putting its trust in a reliable and above all efficient partner. And the best thing of all is that the Unimog makes it possible for a single road maintenance operative to use both mounted mowers in parallel while driving. And that saves time.

On the road in the name of safety.

LBM Rheinland-Pfalz ensures mobility and safety in road traffic. Current figures show the extent of this broad range of tasks:

LBM's operational area covers 877 km of motorways and around 17,500 km of federally-owned, state-owned and locally-owned arterial routes. Each day, their 1100 vehicles at 13 motorway works yards and 57 road maintenance yards are the workplace of around 1600 employees. With the new Unimog models, they should soon be even better supported in their challenging daily routines.

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