Out in any temperatures.

The Econic Thermocontrol windscreen ensures clear visibility under any weather conditions.

The Econic owes its all-round view to the cab's generous panoramic glazing. However, the large glass surface is also under great exposure to solar radiation, which will heat up the cab quickly. In cold or damp weather, on the other hand, icy or fogged-up windows can make it difficult to get your bearings. The new Thermocontrol windscreen installed as standard comes in handy here. It is tinted and heatable. This makes the Econic ready to tackle adverse weather conditions.


Keeping cool thanks to cool windscreen.

The tinted and heated Thermocontrol windscreen is made of laminated glass. Thanks to its heat-insulating properties, it provides effective protection from intense sunlight. This effect is further enhanced by a special absorbent film.


The tinted windscreen therefore scores points with regard to driving safety and comfort. The tint reduces light transmission, reducing the strain on the driver’s eyes in intense sunlight and minimising glare when the sun is low. The reduced amount of absorbed heat in the cab also has a positive effect on drivers' fitness. The tinted glazing also gives the vehicle a cool look.

Eliminates cold temperatures.

The windscreen heating function is intended for regions with persistently low ambient temperatures or high humidity. Very thin, almost invisible heating wires are embedded in the laminated glass windscreen between layers. Once the electricity flows, the wires heat up.

Thanks to its very short response times, this function is quickly ready for use even in adverse weather conditions, such as snow and ice. With a total heating power of around 800 W, it quickly ensures ice-free visibility and also prevents the windscreen from fogging up. In addition to the optimised view, the component also boosts road safety.

The heating function is activated by a switch on the main control panel. An automatic switch-off function has been integrated so that it does not consume unnecessary energy. The feature can either be configured by time, after approximately 15 minutes, or be set to deactivate once the engine has been switched off.

Whether tropical temperatures or cold climates: the Thermocontrol windscreen boosts the Econic's versatility levels and prepares it for any weather conditions.

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