Original turning assistant
for Unimog implement carrier Euro VI.

Retrofit solution

Retrofitting the Unimog turning assistant for greater safety in urban traffic.

Prevention is better than the cure. Making commercial drivers' lives easier and improving the safety of other road users is vital, especially in chaotic urban traffic. In order to give drivers an extra safety boost, Unimog implement carriers can also be retrofitted with a turning assistance system*. Cyclists and other road users are detected using a radar – making the system reliable even at night, in snow or in fog. A good overview of the Unimog's surroundings is provided through a display, and visual and acoustic warning systems alert you of hazardous situations.

* only available for right-hand traffic

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Lots of work requires lots of vision!

Thanks to its flexible application options, the Unimog implement carrier can be used 365 days a year. Whether it be for the municipality, contractors or the fire brigade, this all-rounder is often out and about in the city. To reduce the risk of accidents when turning right, the turning assistant can be retrofitted in all Unimog Euro VI equipment carriers.


On your radar.

A radar sensor monitors the right side of the Unimog and warns you if there is a threat of collision. But that's not all: the system also assists you in other aspects of their driving. From a speed of 30 km/h, it makes you aware of faster road users on the right-hand side of the vehicle, making your blind spot safe. When reversing, the assistant acts as a manoeuvring aid, alerting the driver of stationary and moving objects on the right-hand side.


Keeping an eye on everything!

The area on the right side of the vehicle is made visible to the driver in the colour display mounted on the A-pillar of the Unimog – so when you're turning, you can keep an eye on everything.


At a glance

High quality as standard from Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts.

  • High levels of functional reliability and low levels of susceptibility to interference due to radar technology
  • Visual and acoustic warning
  • The system distinguishes between moving and stationary objects
  • General operating permit as turning assistance system
  • Approved by Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks
  • Government subsidies of up to EUR 1,500 for all commercial vehicles > 3.5 t

Part number

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  • Retrofit kit for Unimog Sideguard Assist
    For U 2xx / U 318 / U 4xx / U 5xx
  • B6 684 8667