Wine and food safari in Tuscany.

Tasty travels through Italy's vineyards: in the Unimog Class III off-road bus.

In the middle of Italy's Tuscany region lies the Monti del Chianti, the Chianti mountains. Already in the 8th century, this green belt of hills was used for growing grapes. And to the present day, it holds vast importance when it comes to producing high-quality, delicious red wines. A tour through the region can be likened to a discovery tour both of the region's countryside and its culinary culture. Particularly appealing are food and wine tours through the infamous Chianti wine cellars and among the vines of the characteristic Sangiovese grapes.

As enjoying the most beautiful panoramic sights over Tuscany's landscape is somewhat of a privilege which has to be earned, some of these exclusive vantage points are located far off the beaten track. So to ensure guests can still visit these locations, tour guides need the right vehicle. In collaboration with Tomassini Style, an expert for special transport requirements, Mercedes-Benz Italia Special Vehicles has developed a very special vehicle solution: the Unimog Class III off-road bus.

Wine and food safari in the off-road bus.

The green all-rounder is already in operation on a wine and food safari through Tuscany's hilly landscape. For day trippers, the journey is anything but ordinary thanks to the real feel-good atmosphere which the Unimog provides. Aboard the bus, tourists to Tuscany head out along the trail of sun-ripened Chianti, whatever the weather and whatever the terrain.

But what is it that makes the Unimog so impressive off-road?

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Impressively comfortable equipment.

Besides the driver and co-driver, a further 26 passengers can take up a place in the Unimog Class III off-road bus. The truck-cum-bus offers comfortable seats with shaped backrests and integrated head restraints, whose height, length and incline angle can be adjusted. A visual highlight: the LED ceiling lights with variable colour setting along the entire length of the aisle. The perfect way to guarantee the right mood on-board. The large windows on both sides of the passenger compartment make for a comprehensive view of the landscape.

The Unimog Class III off-road bus is used for organising food and wine tours in the Chianti wine cellars.
The off-road bus makes for unforgettable experiences in nature, regardless of the terrain and independent of the weather.
A powerful Euro VI engine with low environmental impact ensures perfect driving force in the toughest of terrain.
Thanks to large windows, vehicle occupants can fully enjoy the view and the off-road tracks through the Chianti mountains.
The Unimog Class III off-road bus is used for organising food and wine tours in the Chianti wine cellars.

A Unimog U 5023 serves as the base vehicle for the off-road bus.

But the off-road bus isn't just a comfortable vehicle, it's also impressively powerful. The base vehicle is a Unimog U 5023, whose all-wheel drive, portal axles and great ground clearance make it perfect for off-road use. Its chassis delivers extreme torsional flexibility and thus allows even extreme off-road conditions to be mastered with ease. The efficient Euro VI engine guarantees a smooth tour regardless of the type of road, because wherever the Unimog extreme off-roader drives, it makes its own road.

The Unimog Class III off-road bus.

Base vehicle: Unimog U 5023

Gross vehicle weight rating: 13,000 kg

Fuel tank capacity: 145 l diesel, AdBlue

Output: 170 kW (231 hp) at 2200 rpm

The compact, safe and comfortable Unimog Class III off-road bus isn't just kitted out for any kind of road conditions, it's also a hit when it comes to comfort: la dolce vita on wheels!

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