Cow Bell Food Truck.

Unimog used as food truck in Finland.

In northern Europe, Finland to be precise, the businessman Sami Repo has built his own food truck. A "Do It Yourself" body has turned the off-road implement carrier, a Unimog U 318, into a genuine one-off vehicle with an individual touch.

A genuine desire of the heart.

Sami Repo, whose main job is as a photographer, is a true Unimog enthusiast. For a long time, he had a heart-felt desire to possess his own Unimog and says he was toying with buying a Unimog U 20: "It was just a personal thing, but I had no exact idea of what I actually wanted to do with the vehicle."

Sami Repo then hit on the brilliant idea for a food Unimog while living for a while in the USA, in Austin (Texas), a Mecca for street food. Back in Finland, he bought a Unimog U 318 and set about converting it, a task that took several months. "I drilled each individual hole myself," reports Repo. And so his truck is now everything at once: "blueprint, test vehicle and finished product."

Gourmet cuisine on the road.

From Helsinki to his farm in Simpele in the far north, at company events, birthday parties or public shows – Sami Repo's food Unimog is enthusiastically received wherever it goes. No wonder: the meat and burgers are freshly grilled in what is the centrepiece of the truck, a 400 kg heavy special barbecue oven from Spain. The kitchen on wheels is rounded off by a wash basin, gas stove, work surfaces, copper boiler and a variety of cooking utensils. The design of the foodmobile is typically Finnish, both inside and out: an interior display with various whales as kitchen decoration, while the outside is covered in old wooden panels impregnated with "tarvia" (natural tar), which, incidentally, is also popular as a sauna infusion.

Suitable for every application.

Sami Repo is delighted by the sheer endless possibilities available to him with his Unimog, and he is dreaming of further possible uses for his universal implement carrier: "A Unimog is a truck for life! I bought the U 318 with all hydraulic connections and a host of extras. At the moment, I'm dreaming about buying a crane with which to do forestry work on my farm. And I think I'll also design my own camper body."

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