A strong team.

Partnership based on four pillars.

The Unimog offers a unique basis for innumerable applications. But what makes it so strong is the combination with specifically designed attachments and implement bodies. After all, the high quality of the finished product can only be guaranteed by using reliable, superior and performance-oriented partners.

Since 2015, Mercedes-Benz has established close relationships with many bodybuilders through the Unimog partnership model. Thanks to a comprehensive intensification of this programme, these relationships will now be even more valuable. The aim of the new model is a much closer collaboration.

Relevant fields:

Technology | Quality | Service | Sales


Well-earned certification.

All bodybuilders can request certification as a partner if they meet the requirements set down for the fields of sales, service, quality and technology. The decisive factor for successful collaboration is always the optimum combination of body and vehicle chassis.

Bodybuilders who achieve good results in all areas are issued the "UnimogPartner by Mercedes-Benz" title. To particularly impressive co-operative partners, Mercedes-Benz awards the "Mercedes-Benz Unimog ExpertPartner" title.

Everyone benefits.

Quality standards provide for safety. Customers, bodybuilders and Mercedes-Benz benefit from that to equal degree. Using an evaluation system based on four business areas, the partnership offers the greatest possible level of transparency. Being certified as a partner is an instantly visible sign of quality, performance and expert knowledge.

As a vehicle manufacturer, Mercedes-Benz can rely on professional development partners. In the same respect, certified bodybuilders also benefit from a multitude of collaborative possibilities as well as technical workshops and marketing measures. And the most important aspect is that Unimog users can rest assured that they receive an optimum vehicle and implement combination.

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