Road maintenance as its best.

Numerous road maintenance workers guarantee 365 days a year optimal traffic flow on highways, roads and paths. With help of the Unimog implement carrier, the winter and summer services are reliably done. Whether plowing snow, deploy de-icing salt, clean streets, maintain banquets, chopping wood or do mowing. Even for special activities such as purifing the minimum clearance outline along the driving track the Unimog is ideal. Countless communities, building yards and contractors for turnpike maintenance work since decades around the world with Unimog by Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks.


Product information on the Mercedes-Benz Unimog

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The Unimog implement carrier.

Flexible attachment and mounting options, year-round use, cost-effective operation, safe on the road and robust off-road.

Unimog Municipal.

The specialist for municipal tasks can be used to full capacity up to 365 days a year. And thus more than pays for itself.

Unimog Agriculture.

The Unimog is an agricultural professional with tradition. It has rightly retained its excellent reputation as an all-round talent to this day.

Econic Municipal.

Relieving the burden on municipal employees as well as the air quality in emission-polluted zones – the Econic in municipal use.

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