IFAT 2024: A Unimog revolution and an in-depth look at the eEconic.

In May 2024, the IFAT in Munich will present the latest trends and technologies from the water, wastewater, waste and raw materials industry. And with the world’s leading trade fair once again setting standards for innovation and sustainability, Daimler Truck will of course be there. The highlight this time is the Unimog U 430 with the new UNI-TOUCH® operating system, which meets the latest safety standards of the General Safety Regulation (GSR). In addition, the eEconic and eActros will show how battery-electric vehicles are reinventing municipal services.

Come and visit us!

The IFAT will take place from 13 to 17 May at the exhibition grounds in Munich.
You can find us in hall C6 at stand 451.


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Fascinating exhibits from Daimler Truck.

Exciting exhibits from our fleet await you at stand 451 in hall C6 and outside the hall. You can also view other battery-electric vehicles at the moderated VAK Truck in Action live shows in the outdoor area.

In the hall.

  • Unimog U 430 with the new UNI-TOUCH® operating system and new GSR features, equipped with a MFK 500 mower and FSG 2000 free zone cutter made by Mulag Fahrzeugwerk Heinz Wössner GmbH u. Co. KG and the Yeti 22o brine sprayer from Bucher Municipal GmbH
  • eEconic 300 with 6x4/2 wheel configuration chassis
  • eActros 400 as ready-to-use winter service vehicle with spreader made by Bucher Municipal Wernberg GmbH and roll-off container truck

Outside the hall.

  • Arocs as a motorway version with 6x4/4 wheel configuration and body made by Küpper-Weisser GmbH

In the outdoor area.

  • eEconic 300 with waste disposal body made by Zöller-Kipper GmbH

The new Unimog implement carrier: more efficient, safer, more intuitive.

At the International Trade Fair for Wastewater Technology (IFAT) in Munich this year, visitors can once again expect to find more than their fair share of technical masterpieces. And all eyes are on the Unimog U 430, optimised for all-season use and which boasts not one, but two special innovations.

The first is the brand-new UNI-TOUCH® operating system, which will be standard equipment for the Unimog implement carrier from May 2024. Using the newly developed and ergonomically arranged UNI-TOUCH® controls, such as the 10.5-inch swivel screen with touch display, drivers can configure work processes quickly and easily according to their individual wishes while at the wheel of the Unimog.

The Unimog being exhibited in Munich also already meets the strict GSR standards of the European Union, which will come into force from July this year. It features a sophisticated sensor system and software, which let the new Unimog U 430 protect not only the driver, but also other road users better than ever before. These new systems also help to relieve the burden on the driver.

“Our customers will continue to enjoy high levels of comfort, intuitive operation and the usual safety standards when conducting their tasks on the road, on rails, in the field or off road now and in the future”, says Franziska Cusumano, Head of Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks.

A peek under the eEconic bonnet.

But Daimler Truck hasn't stopped there. The all-electric eEconic and eActros will also be taking centre stage at the IFAT 2024. At the stand you will find an eEconic 300 with 6x4/2 wheel configuration, which we are showcasing purely as a chassis without a body: a real treat for our visitors who love the technical side of things. 

Charged and ready: the eActros

The moderated live shows in the outdoor area will also be putting the spotlight on our electric trucks. Amongst other things, visitors can marvel at the eEconic 300 with a waste disposal body made by Zöller-Kipper GmbH at the VAK Truck in Action Show.

In charge for a new era: The eEconic drive concept

Want to find out more? Take a peek under the eActros bonnet. Experience the sophisticated Daimler Truck battery-electric drive concept at first hand – we will have a charging station installed right in our stand.

What the eEconic stands for.

Find out more about the features and technical data of this all-electric commercial vehicle.

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Outside the hall, visitors can also view the Arocs designed for stability and durability. This vehicle is mainly used in construction, but a motorway version with 6x4/4 wheel configuration and a body from Küpper-Weisser GmbH will be presented in Munich.

So it's safe to say that our visitors have much to look forward to.

Impressions from IFAT 2024.


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The Unimog implement carrier.

Flexible attachment and mounting options, year-round use, cost-effective operation, safe on the road and robust off-road.

The extreme off-road Unimog.

Developed as a reliable powerhouse with one goal: the utmost in indestructibility.

Unimog Municipal.

The specialist for municipal tasks can be used to full capacity up to 365 days a year. And thus more than pays for itself.

The Econic.

Provides sustainable solutions for increasing emissions in urban areas and ensures optimal working conditions for drivers and crew.

The eEconic.

Powerful, efficient and locally emission-free: the eEconic with pure battery-electric drive.

Econic Municipal.

Relieving the burden on municipal employees as well as the air quality in emission-polluted zones – the Econic in municipal use.

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