Well tested.

The eEconic being tested.

The development of the battery-electric eEconic for municipal use was consistently advanced with intensive test series. The focus of the test engineers was and is on carrying out tests relating to the safety, performance and durability of the vehicle. The eEconic also had to prove itself in tests of batteries and the electric drive train in summer and winter. In addition, the vehicle was examined in other test concepts such as noise measurement, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and test drives on rough roads.

Striding towards series production.

Dr. Ralf Forcher, Head of Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks, explains the course of testing: “We have subjected the eEconic to a wide variety of test series and the results show that we are on the right track with our concept. The eEconic is optimally suited for its intended use as a waste collection vehicle. The high proportion of stop-and-go traffic, easy to plan day trips averaging 100 km and charging the batteries at the customer's depots form an ideal framework for the application profile of the battery-electric low-floor truck.”

the results so far show that we are on the right track with our concept.

Dr. Ralf Forcher, Head of Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks, Daimler Truck AG

Winter endurance test at the Arctic Circle.

The eEconic was put through its paces in frosty temperatures down to -25°C. In Rovaniemi, Finland, Daimler Truck development engineers tested thermal management and pre-conditioning systems as well as various charging stations, then simulated a waste collection route. The result: The eEconic is capable of withstanding and operating in even the lowest of outside temperatures.

Waste management authorities need reliable vehicles with a suitable range, especially in the depths of winter. The test simulated collection routes that the eEconic easily mastered using state-of-the-art technology, even at low temperatures. Thanks to smart thermal management systems, this special truck’s battery is kept at the optimum operating temperature, thereby making full use of its power reserves.

The eEconic features an energy-efficient preconditioning system that conditions the vehicle as desired while charging. The driver chooses a start time at which the windows are automatically de-iced, the battery is heated to the optimum temperature, and the cab temperature is adjusted as desired. Preconditioning at the charging station makes the full battery capacity available for the upcoming waste collection route.

The test programme also included charging the eEconic at different charging stations. The vehicle was charged using either fast charging or full charging with a prest start time: The eEconic demonstrated its potential for any application – even when things gets really cold.

The eEconic also completed brake tests on snow and ice at the Arctic Circle. The electronics and software never failed, even it was well below freezing.

Development and measurement engineer Stefan Gerhardt is satisfied with how the winter tests went. "We put the eEconic to the test, showing that it can operate under the toughest of conditions. We are delighted with the positive results."

What makes the eEconic special?


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Extensive brake tests.

Michael Lechner is responsible for the development of the Econic's brake system at Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks. With the all-electric model of the proven truck, he was on the test track in the development and test center of Daimler Truck AG. The result: the eEconic mastered all braking maneuvers to its satisfaction.

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