Efficient solution for service providers.

Unimog U 430 implement carrier with trailer for demountable bodies.

Be it for municipal, forestry, road maintenance or transport operations, the Unimog U 430L in combination with the steering Staja trailer is the perfect solution for economical year-round use.

Ready for action 365 days of the year with unbeatable combinations.

The Unimog U 430 with long wheelbase makes possible vehicle combinations with a permissible gross weight of 13.8 t – precisely the right thing for versatile bodies and attachments at either the front or rear of the vehicle. Despite its longer wheelbase, the vehicle still has extremely compact dimensions, with a width of just 2.15 m. Thanks to powerful engines, pulling a heavy trailer laden with additional work machinery is also no trouble at all. The Unimog is ideally equipped for any application. In combination with qualified implement and body manufacturers, a unique vehicle can be created for the most varied of operations the whole year through.

Variably usable.

With a permissible gross trailer weight of 20 t, up to 37 m³ of grass cuttings can be transported, for example. Meanwhile, the twist lock system also enables 20-foot containers to be transported. Equipped with a verge mower and a marker post mower at the front, as well as a left/right vacuum mower in the form of a rear-mounted boom on the platform equip the implement carrier perfectly for mowing near the roadside, both on the left and right-hand sides.

Thanks to a separate articulated joint and articulated frame with turntable at the second axle, the 2.15-metre-wide trailer can be steered fully hydraulically.

Flexible multipurpose operations in any area are guaranteed thanks to the removable rear warning sign. It ensures that the body can be quickly changed. Very quickly, instead of the grass cuttings body, for example, a water tank or another combination can be mounted. So-called "twist locks" which can be slid out on the sides allow demountable tanks or containers to be connected to one another or the Unimog. They ensure that even 20-foot ISO containers and 7.8-metre-long BDF platforms can be easily mounted and locked in place.

As an option, the trailer is also available with Welvaarts weighing cells for weighing the load. Equally available is a rail gear for road/rail operations.


Possible applications and bodies:

  • Road verge mowing operations on the right and left of the vehicle with the Mulag verge, post and left/right vacuum mowers as well as 37 m³ Staja grass cuttings body with scraper floor (2.15 m wide).
  • Cleaning tunnel walls and noise barriers with the Dücker washing unit (2.15 m wide) at the front, Staja buffer tank and pump on the platform as well as a 15,000-litre container on the trailer (e.g. Aebi-Schmidt Straliq, basic salt solution sprayer).
  • Tackling weeds using the WAVE hot water weed destroyer at the front, Staja buffer tank and pumps on the platform as well as a 15,000-litre container on the trailer (e.g. Aebi-Schmidt Straliq, basic salt solution sprayer).
  • Winter service/dealing with slippery roads using the 15,000-litre Straliq salt solution sprayer from Aebi-Schmidt on the trailer and an additional 5,000-litre salt solution container on the Unimog U 430 implement carrier.

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