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Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks at Firemobil in Welzow.

What to do if there is a fire? Transnational preparation and coordinated response to (environmental) disasters and crises was at the heart of the FIREmobil trade fair, which took place for the first time from 14 to 16 September 2023 in Welzow, Brandenburg. This trade exhibition for decision-makers and users in emergency services organisations is of course a must for Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks.

Number one forest fire state.

It is no coincidence that the event partners of FIREmobil include not only the German Fire Brigade Association, but also the State Fire Brigade Association of Brandenburg and the urban and administrative districts of Upper and Lower Lusatia.

According to ZDF, the federal state of Brandenburg is regarded as the “number one forest fire state in Germany”. No other forest area experienced as many fires last year as the home of the Spree Forest, which borders to the south on the no less species-rich Heath and Pond Landscape Biosphere Reserve of North Saxony. This ecosystem nature is in danger.

Combating the effects of climate change.

After all, "Our society is facing unprecedented challenges. Climate change is in full swing and the effects are fatal," says the trade fair website. The organisers list these effects as not only forest and vegetation fires, but also flood disasters, heat waves and extreme weather events. Likewise pandemics, major casualty incidents and terrorist attacks, as well as industrial accidents and military conflicts.

Our society is facing unprecedented challenges.


Preventing such “dynamic” casualty incidents through early warnings and preparations is therefore a central topic at FIREmobil. At the same time, the focus is also on strengthening the so-called hazard prevention chain, which defines the responsibilities and communication channels from the municipal level through the state and federal government to the European Union and the United Nations. Here, FIREmobil is aiming for closer collaboration between all those involved.

This is why the trade exhibition in Welzow is aimed at decision-makers as well as full-time and volunteer specialists from the professional, works and voluntary fire brigades, aid and rescue organisations such as the Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW) and the German Life Saving Association (DLRG), as well as the German Armed Forces, the Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief (BBK) and political representatives from the Federal Government, states and municipalities.

More information about FIREmobil at:  https://neue-messe-fulda.de/en_US/events/firemobil

Topics close at hand.

Above all, the FIREmobil will show and also demonstrate the various possibilities that rescue and protection services have at their disposal in their work: from water vehicles to firefighting planes and firefighting robots. Visitors can even experience helicopters, which are also used for firefighting, live in the cockpit on the exhibition area of the Welzow commercial airfield.

At the heart of disaster relief and firefighting on the ground, however, are the extreme off-road vehicles with specialised equipment from the fire and rescue services, which Daimler Truck provides for them with the virtually indestructible Unimog.

The Daimler Truck exhibits at FIREmobil 2023.

In action on the off-road course:

Unimog U 5023 with crewcab

equipped with platform and tarpaulin, white

Unimog U 5023 with crewcab

equipped with platform and tarpaulin, yellow, @Fire

The exhibits at the Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks stand:

Unimog U 5023 with crewcab

equipped as a pump water tender (TLF-W), Schlingmann

Unimog U 5023

equipped as a pump water tender (TLF 3000), Schlingmann

Unimog U 5023

equipped as a pump water tender (TLF 3000), Rosenbauer

Unimog U 530

equipped as a pump water tender (TLF 4000), BAI

Unimog U 5023 with crewcab

equipped as a pump water tender (TLF 2000), Schlingmann, Fürstenau fire brigade

Unimog U 5023

equipped as an ambulance, Binz

Atego 1630 4x4

Weddingstedt fire brigade

Arocs 1842 4x2

the equipped with a hydrostatic auxiliary drive (HAD) Federal Police

Experience superior vehicle technology.

On the off-road course, the emergency services can try out the unique quality features for themselves: For example, the ex works extreme off-road Unimog excels with a ground clearance of up to half a metre, all-wheel drive with differential lock and the unique TireControl Plus tyre pressure control system, which also allows it to manoeuvre on almost unnavigable terrain – as encountered in disaster relief.    

While the civilian vehicle versions of the Unimog U 5023 crewcab tackle the off-road course, Daimler Truck is exhibiting the pump water tenders (TLF and TLF-W) converted by body manufacturers Schlingmann, Rosenbauer and BAI  as stand exhibits. Also on display are the Atego 1630 from the fleet of the Weddingstedt fire brigade, an Arocs 1842 from the German Federal Police and another Unimog U 5023, which the Binz company has equipped as an ambulance.

The experience of superior vehicle technology offered by Daimler Truck is complemented by FIREmobil with presentations by service providers and producers from the fields of hygiene and infection control as well as emergency medicine. Other exhibitors will give trade fair visitors an insight into the latest equipment used in mobile rescue services and by fire and rescue services.

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