Everything under control with the dual control Econic.

Dual control Econic meets demands of waste industry in Australia.

In the past, refuse collection vehicles were manned by three people: a driver and two co-drivers who took the tons to the truck and emptied them there. When the dual control Econic drives quietly through the suburbs of Melbourne today, all you need is one driver for its operation.

The Econic drives close to the kerb with the refuse bins. Thanks to the DirectVision cab, the driver has a perfect view of his workplace and the traffic at all times. As if by magic, a gripper arm attached to the side of the Econic picks up the garbage container and empties it in one movement. To do this, the driver operates the convenient controls located in between the two seats of the cabin.

Twice as flexible - with a driver's seat on each side.

"Dual control" refers to the world’s first Econic with steering wheels and controls on both sides of the cabin, developed by Mercedes-Benz Trucks in response to industry demand for a version of the truck that best suits side-loading of bins. The driver can easily change their seat without having to alight when starting the waste collection, and therefore always sits on the convenient side to control the work of the automatic garbage collector.

The dual control Econic has a Euro VI rated engine, Electronic Stability Program and a special low-entry cab design with visibility superior to that of traditional trucks. No other truck in the class has all three features. The DirectVision cab complies with the European ECE-R29 crash test regulations and features large panoramic windows for excellent all-round visibility. The Econic features air suspension for all axles and uses a 7.7-litre diesel engine with 299hp that delivers a reduction of emissions and particulate matter by up to 90 per cent compared to the Euro V engine. The Econic also runs the industry-preferred six-speed Allison fully automatic transmission.

"The dual control Econic represents a win all round for operators, drivers and the public", says Andrew Assimo, Mercedes-Benz Trucks Senior Manager Sales. "The Euro VI engine is efficient and produces low emissions, but it is quiet in operation too. High levels of safety are a big plus for everyone, especially the driver who also benefits from great ergonomics. And there is also the superior vision of this truck, which is of utmost importance given the mixture of pedestrians, cyclists and cars in the urban environments most Econics will operate."

The dual control Econic ticks so many of the boxes when it comes to safety, environment, driver welfare and low operating costs.


Michael May, Daimler Truck and Bus Australia Pacific

Active Brake Assist helps to prevent accidents.

The dual control Econic not only has Electronic Stability Program, but an Electronic Braking System and an Anti-Lock Braking System all fitted as standard.

Its Active Brake Assist technology is based on modern radar technology and has been steadily developed in recent years. A multi-mode radar monitors the area in front of the vehicle - safely and reliably in all lighting conditions and in all weathers. The system permanently measures the speed and distance to vehicles ahead.

All Econic safety assistance systems at a glance.

If the system detects the risk of a collision, a three-stage warning is issued:

  • First, visual and audible signals warn the driver.
  • Then, a partial application of the brakes with approximately 50 % of braking output reduces the speed.
  • Finally, a full application of the brakes brings the vehicle to a halt, while at the same time the hazard warning lamps are activated.

If necessary, the driver can intervene at any time and override the system – for example by steering, activating kickdown or initiating an emergency braking manoeuvre. Especially when the traffic in a city is very tight and the driver's attention is constantly required, accidents can be avoided with Active Brake Assist.

The Econic ensures cleanliness in Melbourne.
Flexible use on Australia's roads thanks to two driver's seats.
Garbage cans are very easily collected and emptied at the touch of a button.
Ergonomic control panel, easily accessible between the two seats.
Especially in narrow spaces, it is convenient for the driver to be able to easily change their seat without getting out.
Road users are warned in large letters to be careful on both sides of the Econic Dual Control.
The Econic ensures cleanliness in Melbourne.

The reactions to the dual control Econic are highly positive.

At the Mercedes-Benz plant in Wörth, the unique Econic vehicle model with dual control was developed in response to the requirements of Australian customers. They were impressed by the innovative design of the Econic, but needed a second steering column. After the introduction of the dual control system, the customers' reactions were extremely positive. No wonder, since the dual control Econic leaves nothing to be desired: "We’ve been developing this targeted product for the local waste industry for three years, so it was fantastic to show the dual control Econic to our customers," says Michael May, Mercedes-Benz Truck and Bus director. "The reaction was extremely positive with customers thrilled to finally see a factory-delivered solution that ticks so many of the boxes when it comes to safety, environment, driver welfare and low operating costs."

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