Fast supply in crisis situations.

Strong together: Unimog and Kärcher Futuretech.

In combination with the water purification unit by Kärcher Futuretech the Unimog by Mercedes-Benz-Special Trucks is an ideal solution for producing and distributing life essential drinking water.

Unimog ensures safe transportation.

Water is one of the most valuable assets. Especially in crisis-areas and situations it is important to ensure a permanent supply of clean drinking water. The unit resulting from the cooperation between Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks and Kärcher Futuretech allows to produce and distribute clean water quickly and easily.

With the highest off-road capable "drinking water-unimog" up to three autonomous drinking water supply systems can be transported to various places in difficult-to-access terrain.

WTC 5.000 UF produces 360.000 liter of drinking water per day.

The key component of the systems transported on the "drinking water-unimog" is the water purification unit by Kärcher Futuretech. Driven by its included power supply it produces up to 5.000 liter drinking water per hour. Via ultrafiltration it produces particle-free drinking water from almost every natural raw water source, that is microbially and viral safe and approved with internationally recognized standards (e.g. FDA, DVGW W270).

All three WTC 5000 UF units have a daily capacity of 360.000 liter, which equals the supply of 50.000 people in need according to the standards of the World Health Organisation (WHO).

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The "drinking water-unimog" by Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks and Kärcher Futuretech – get to know all interesting facts in this video:

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