Off-road champion.

Convincing offroad-performance.

Where regular supply routes are destroyed, alternative and quickly operational transport solutions need to be found. With the high off-road capable "drinking water-unimog" up to three autonomous drinking water supply systems can be transported to various places in difficult-to-access terrain.

Extreme mobility.

Whether boulders, snow, sand or dirt roads: thanks to his incomparable off-road capability the Unimog always finds a way. All-wheel-drive, tyre inflation system and differential locks enable maximal traction off the road. With 500 mm the Unimog has a large ground clearance. Due to a hoisted intake funnel and protected aggregates even a fording depth of up to 1.200 mm is no problem for the Unimog.

Elaborate drive-concept.

Even in deep wilderness hydraulic and mechanic and electric motors provide the right power for different units and setups. The efficient motor is characerized by a high torque and favourable values concerning emission, consumption and power to weight ratio. The Unimog is available in the emissions classes Euro 3, 5 and 6.

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