Effective water purification.

Clean drinking water in no time at all. 

With the "drinking water-unimog" and the innovative purification system by Kärcher Futuretech particle-free drinking water is extractable from almost every natural raw water source.

Quick results due to easy handling.

In crisis situations and crisis areas one of the most important tasks is the fast water supply for people in need. The Unimog brings team, material and heavy devices to any place in the world, even if very remote. 

Only two people are needed for the transportation and the assembling of Kärcher Futuretech's water purification system. A hydraulic crane with a capacity of 250 kg at 5 m outreach eases the unloading process on site. Thus the water purification system can be assembled in less than an hour.

As soon as the Unimog is unloaded, the preparation of the Unimog platform for distributing the drinking water to surrounding areas begins: A pillow tank with a capacity of 5.000 liter is placed on the platform. At the same time the purification system's suction nozzle with filter is put into a river, a pond or a lake.

The Kärcher Futuretech system running by a diesel power supply produces 5.000 liter drinking water per hour that is stored in storage tanks with a capacity of 10.000 liter. From there the produced water will be pumped into the pillow tank on the Unimog platform.

The pump is driven by the Unimog hydraulic. This way it only takes 15 minutes to fill the flexible pillow tank with 5.000 liter drinking water. Due to his highest off-road capability the Unimog takes his precious cargo to any place where clean drinking water is needed. Finally, the built-in pump is used again to feed the clean water into the drinking water distribution system at the end consumer. 

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