The Unimog U 5023 as a reliable partner in disaster relief.

With its extreme off-road Unimog, the German search and rescue team @fire successfully participated in an exercise of the UN’s International Search and Rescue Advisory Group (INSARAG). By completing the Urban Search and Rescue Exercise, the rescuers qualified as a USAR "Light" team. Their yellow Unimog U 5023 was reliably by their side. Thanks to its uncompromising off-road capabilities and wide range of possible applications, the Special Truck’s operational readiness is virtually unshakeable, even in difficult recovery operations.

Earthquake rescue: a job for the Unimog.

Sunday morning, 9:36 a.m.: the earth is shaking in the Republic of Jureneva, about 20 km southwest of Geneva. The Richter scale registers 7.1. When the first reports were received from the local government, there was mention of at least 1,000 deaths, 2,300 injured and 1,230 missing.

Fortunately, this description is only a fictitious scenario. But that didn’t make the exercise any less critical for the German search and rescue team @fire. This is because the large-scale exercise of the UN’s International Search and Rescue Advisory Group (INSARAG) focused on the classification of the German team as the first international search and rescue team in the "Light" category.

In addition to human expertise and drive, one thing above all is needed for clearance and recovery in the earthquake zone: heavy equipment. The situation requires a high degree of professionalism from both man and machine. The @fire team therefore relies on the support of the Unimog U 5023 – the benchmark for off-road capability. Star Wars backdrop as an extreme test setting.

Tough: the Unimog U 5023 in recovery operations.

Destroyed roads, landslides, flooding: a scenario for which no vehicle is better suited than the Unimog U 5023. Its unrivalled off-road capabilities make it a loyal companion in disaster zones. The chassis with portal axles, differential locks and the extremely torsionally flexible vehicle frame allow the workhorse to move forward even in extreme conditions.

Thanks to its uncompromising mobility in extreme terrain, the Unimog reliably transports equipment, material and crew off the beaten track to the incident site. There it becomes a tool for the removal of rubble and recovery thanks to a wide range of attachment and mounting spaces as well as interfaces and drives for changing equipment.

The rescuers move in.

When the team was alerted on Sunday morning, 2.5 t of material and tools needed to be loaded. The Unimog excels in this respect with its spacious loading area. Once the rescue team arrives at the scene of the incident, following an initial assessment of the situation they set out on the first evening in the Unimog U 5023.Working together against the tides.The exercise scenario involves recovering several survivors from collapsed buildings. The Unimog actively supports the rescuers with its wide range of applications. Among other things, a cable technology is attached to the vehicle to free the injured from inaccessible buildings. The rescue operations last for several days and nights without the rescuers or their emergency vehicle becoming tired.

@fire test passed.

The operation is a complete success. The Unimog and @fire master all challenges and are the first USAR "Light" team to be able to accept their well-deserved classification. On the way home, the team has a lot to bring back.

The rescuers have gained a great deal of new experience and are certain that they can rely on their off-road pro, the Unimog U 5023, even in the most difficult conditions. They don’t know when the next assignment will be or what awaits them there. But they know how to master it: with the Unimog. One thing is clear – it is practically unshakeable.

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