Unimog meets Gaggenau.

Unimog-Club Gaggenau celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Passion connects. Often for a long time. A current example is the Unimog-Club Gaggenau e.V. (UCG). With more than 6,600 members, the UCG is the largest brand club of Mercedes-Benz Classic - and has already existed for a quarter of a century. Therefore, from 15th to 17th June 2018, a big anniversary celebration will take place along the Bad Rotenfels spa park and around the Unimog Museum.

Full programme of moving history.

With around 500 beautifully cared-for Unimog arriving in Gaggenau and the surrounding area on the weekend, the 70-year history of the Universal-Motor-Gerät can be admired on real commercial vehicles. The anniversary celebration of the Unimog-Club should be a "wonderful memory of 25 years of extraordinary commitment and enthusiasm for the most famous commercial vehicle in the world", emphasizes Rainer Hildebrandt, Chairman of the UCG.

The programme has various highlights to offer: The Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks demonstration site Ötigheim can be visited on all three days and in the newly built workshop of the Unimog Museum, a Boehringer Unimog is disassembled and reassembled under the eyes of the visitors. In addition, former test engineers report earlier test drives on selected routes in the Murg valley.

Various rally teams with their powerful racing machines based on the Unimog will really kick things up. Ellen Lohr, racing driver and multiple participant of the Dakar Rally, has announced her arrival. The programme will be topped off with a photo show on the history of the UCG, live music and social gatherings with continuous catering in the pavilion.

Congratulations from Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks.

One of the congratulators at the festive weekend is Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks, drawing the glimpse of the past into the present and the future. The current Unimog model series can be examined closely in the parking lot of the Unimog Museum. And Martin Daum, board member of the Daimler AG, has officially given his patronage to the celebrations.

More than 30 other regional partners and sponsors are also giving their support. This shows how deeply the UCG is rooted in the homeland of the Unimog. "Unimog meets Gaggenau" is the motto of the anniversary celebration – a declaration of love to the birthplace of the all-rounder, its loyal and congenial fans and the passionate work of the Unimog-Club Gaggenau.

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