Sideguard Assist.

Effective collision warning when turning or changing lane.

In heavy traffic many risks lurk in wait for truck drivers. Particularly turning off to the right in left-hand-drive trucks, changing lane and pulling away can be tricky. A brief moment of inattention could be fatal for cyclists or pedestrians. Econic Sideguard Assist can detect those weaker road users and is able to warn the driver by means of visual and audible signals. The system provides support in avoiding critical situations or by reducing the consequences of an accident.

Clever warning concept.

Sideguard Assist provides support by means of a two-stage warning system in order to mitigate critical traffic situations automatically. For this purpose, two close-range sensors permanently monitor the co-driver's side over the entire length of the vehicle, including the trailer and across a width of one lane. The assistance system is available for left-hand and right-hand drive vehicles.

If the system detects persons or objects moving in the danger zone, the driver is warned. During this informative warning stage, a yellow LED lamp lights up in the A-pillar of the co-driver's side, automatically attracting the driver's attention to the critical area. If the person or object comes to a halt within the monitoring zone, the warning light goes out after a defined period of time.

If there is immediate risk of a collision, the assistant warns the driver. During this warning stage, a red lamp lights up in the A-pillar. Also there is a loud beeping sound from the speaker in the co-driver's door. The visual and audible signals provide the driver with valuable time to react.

The assistance system also reacts to persons standing still.

Less common but equally serious: collisions with stationary cyclists or pedestrians when turning. That is why the assistance system warns of an acute risk of collision with persons or objects at a standstill if these are located within the Econic curve trajectory. There is an immediate warning in the form of a red LED display. The curve trajectory warning on the Econic applies at speeds up to 36 km/h.

Sideguard Assist provides assistance in a variety of traffic manoeuvres.

  • At a standstill, for example, it assists during loading and unloading procedures
  • Pulling away
  • Changing lane
  • Turning, with moving persons or objects
  • Turning, with stationary persons or objects within the trajectory curve
  • Driving at low speeds
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