Totally in control.

The Mercedes PowerShift 3 manual transmission for the Econic relieves the strain on driver and vehicle.

Long stints in the special truck can demand a lot from drivers. Especially as part of challenging applications drivers need to keep an eye on a lot of things at the same time. However, they don't need to worry about changing gears: The Mercedes PowerShift 3 transmission automates gearshifts and controls the driving style according to requirements. A major advantage for inner-city deployments requiring accurate gearshifts and manoeuvring – as for example in waste management. The Econic, a vehicle that is common in municipal operations, is now available with the Mercedes PowerShift 3 transmission.

Easy on people and material.

Engaging, shifting, disengaging – the Mercedes PowerShift 3 (MPS3) automated manual transmission does all this by itself. There is no clutch pedal, the driver only has to operate the accelerator and brake pedal. This is especially good for comfort: thanks to automated gearshifts, driver stress is relieved considerably and thus drivers can concentrate more on the road. If you don't have to shift gears, you shift faster. The automated gearshift system is operated very simply using the steering-column lever. Thanks to Mercedes PowerShift 3, the driver can relax and intervene if necessary. Managing instead of shifting gears.

Improper shifting leads to a higher wear of transmission parts. For example, shifting up too late causes the engine speed to increase unnecessarily. Or worse still: the gear is not engaged correctly and the transmission grinds. Mercedes PowerShift 3 supports smooth gearshifts. Optimised clutch and gearshift sequences reduce possible damage to the driveline. This, in turn, reduces maintenance and operating costs. And it also promotes a driving style geared towards optimising consumption.

Automatically moving through the gears.

Even when relying on assistance when shifting gears, drivers still have control over how they want to operate their Econic. Depending on the driving situation, they can choose between different drive programs with which they can individually influence the shifting characteristics. These drive programs are application-based and support, for example, agile driving dynamics or a fuel-saving driving style.

If the drivers nevertheless want to rely on their own dexterity when changing gears, a manual driving mode is also available. Anyone preferring to shift gears themselves is still welcome to do so.

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