More power, more agility.

The new top models Unimog U 435 and U 535.

Requested by the customers, realised by Mercedes-Benz: following the last quantum leap in the Unimog engine technology from Euro V to Euro VI in 2014, many users will be delighted to find something new under the cab of the top models.

Now with 260 kW engine.

The previous engine range has been extended to include a 54 hp more powerful Euro VIe engine in the U 435 and U 535 models. The familiar and proven medium-duty commercial vehicle engines from the OM936 model series in the Atego and Actros can also be ordered for the Unimog with immediate effect.

A great deal of engineering effort was required for this new feature beneath the Unimog cab. For the engine upgrade, the entire drivetrain had to be adapted to the increase in output and thus optimised. Its special feature: the coupling and transmission are now even more agile and offer higher performance. The major advantage: the shift times are reduced further as a result.

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