Unimog Magazine:
July 2020 issue.

A bee's heart.

The Landsberg district building yard has a heart for bees: The MULAG mower body now mows with special care for insects. Read more about the latest purchase of the building yard in the Unimog Magazine 1/2020.

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More highlight topics.

"In operation"
With the Unimog in Corona operation. RKT e.V. relies on the U 1300 in case of crisis.

"Double world record"
Two Unimog U 5023 climb to 6,694 metres in Chile and reach the altitude world record. Never before have two wheeled vehicles reaches such a height.

Historical records, liquid manure exchange, three Unimog U 529. There is a lot going on at the Fischer contract company in Damme.

Flexible, agile and fast on the road on the island of Föhr: the Unimog U 427 from the Kohn family.

"Challenging pipeline construction"
A Unimog U 430L supports Überlandwerk Rhön GmbH in the installation of power poles. A Hiab loading crane enables work to be carried out at a height of up to twelve metres.

"Road-rail operation"
The new U 423 in the Isar power station brings 800 tons of tractive power onto the rails. The 2-way vehicle is a real powerhouse.

"Tourism Ambassador"
The East Bavarian Tourist Office has a new, chic advertising medium: a U 218 with an eye-catching look.

"Expedition Unimog"
Hellgeth introduces new expedition Unimog. Can be moved with the 3-series driving licence.

"Genuine Spare Parts"
Safe on the road with new steering. Why the retrofit makes especially much sense now.

"Winter service"
For 45 years, Hansueli Abderhalden has been providing free roads at an altitude of 1,100 metres. Most recently with a powerful U 423.

"Fire brigade operation"
The voluntary fire brigade Schwerte relies on the Unimog. A new U 323 assists in fighting forest fires.

Before a restoration, it is essential to consult an old type advice. The experts from the Unimog Museum in Gaggenau provide support with tips and tricks.

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