Ahead of the game.

The Econic today already meets the future EU regulations for safe trucks.

Schoolchildren run out of the bus. A cyclist sprints round the corner. Pedestrians scurry across the road. Everyday situations in urban traffic, but major dangers for truck drivers. A minor moment of inattention and the accident will have already happened. Or maybe not... if the driver can count on the support from innovative assistance systems. Just as is the case in the Econic.

A clear case for the assistance system.

What will soon be required by law is already standard in the Econic. From 2022, trucks and buses will have to be equipped with cornering assistants like Sideguard Assist. This will initially apply to all new vehicle model series, but from 2024 it will also apply to all new vehicles within existing model series. This decision was made at the end of March 2019 by the EU. The aim of this measure is to prevent often fatal accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists. And the Econic is already taking its responsibility.

Upon request, the Econic can be equipped with as many as ten clever assistance systems. One of them is Sideguard Assist. Using two close-range sensors, it permanently monitors the co-driver's side of the vehicle. And warns the driver of persons in the turning area. This warning occurs in two stages. Both of these stages buy drivers valuable additional time and assist them in defusing critical driving situations themselves.

Effective collision warning when turning or changing lane: the Econic with Sideguard Assist

Doubly safe: the warning stages of the Econic's Sideguard Assist.

  • Stage 1: If the system detects cyclists or pedestrians on the co-driver's side, a yellow LED light guides the driver's eyes to the critical area.
  • Stage 2: In the case of an imminent risk of collision, the assistance system sounds an alarm. The LED display becomes red and a loud beeping sound additionally sounds.

Designed to be as forward-looking as possible.

Seeing more means you can react more quickly. In this respect, the Econic has a decisive advantage over other vehicles: its unique DirectVision cab. The panoramic glazing offers a direct all-round view of the roads and pavements. And the low seating position brings the driver down to eye level with pedestrians and cyclists. As a result, direct eye contact with other road users enables improved communication with these.

The DirectVision cab is supplemented by a clever camera system which delivers a clear view of the working area and the blind spot. On an ergonomically positioned monitor, the driver can see the situationally important images of the vehicle's surroundings. Accordingly, the driver always has everything of relevance in sight, be that when reversing, during manoeuvring or when turning off a road.

This is yet another reason as to why the Econic is becoming the shining star in a wide range of sectors. Be it for refuse collection, deliveries, the construction trades or firefighting: experienced truckers really appreciate this mobile colleague.

Assistance systems save lives.

That's also the opinion of the EU with the introduction of the new legislation: by 2038, these stricter requirements being placed on trucks are expected to save more than 25,000 lives and reduce the number of seriously injured accident victims by 140,000. This aim falls under the umbrella term "Vision Zero" and has the long-term aim of reducing the number of deaths and seriously injured casualties to almost zero by 2050.

It's about taking responsibility for safety.

All that stands in its way now is a minor formality: the new EU regulations to increase road safety are yet to be formally approved by the European Parliament and the EU Council. The regulations include provisions for improving direct vision and removing blind spots. The fulfilment of these aspects will, however, only take place after 2022 due to the design modifications which these will entail on vehicles. But that doesn't apply to the Econic. Anyone who has opted for this vehicle can today already enjoy maximum safety. For all road users.

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