Pre-installation for reversing

Driving up to loading ramps made easy.

Reversing with trucks weighing several tonnes is particularly challenging. Manoeuvring with centimetre precision and pulling up to a loading ramp can cost a lot of time and nervous energy. Support is provided by a safety assistance system for the Econic which assists the driver when reversing – visually and audibly.

From warning signal to emergency braking.

The pre-installation for a reversing assistant is part of the special equipment for the Econic. It offers a vehicle interface for assistance systems from other manufacturers, for example the WABCO TailGuard. The CAN connection is used to transmit the rear distance of the Econic to the instrument cluster in the cab. This in turn shows the driver the distance in the form of a symbolised truck rear end moving towards the obstacle. At the same time, a beeping tone which increases in frequency warns when the obstacle gets nearer.

The loading platform approach aid gives the driver visual and audible assistance. Plus, the system can also apply the vehicle's brakes – and thus initiate emergency braking in dangerous situations.

visible-md and up (hidden-sm and down)
visible-lg and up (hidden-md and down)