Brennt für den Feuerwehreinsatz.

Mercedes-Benz Unimog: made for tough terrain.

Wherever optimum driving characteristics are required for firefighting in difficult terrain, the extremely agile off-road Unimog is in its element. This applies to water tenders fighting forest fires and logistics vehicles dealing with floods. And in addition, there is a wide variety of equipment variants and bodies that make the compact, robust Unimog a fully-fledged operational vehicle.

Exemplary operation in Des Landes, Southern France.

Be it sand, boulders or mud - with the Unimog U 5023, the crew of Sapeurs Pompiers can reach their destination even under the toughest conditions.


Fighting forest fires on the Mediterranean, flood alarm on the Danube and Elbe, hurricanes and fierce autumn storms all over Europe, plus hail or earthquakes: the number of natural disasters is on the rise worldwide – accompanied by an increasing need for large-scale operations and special deployments by fire brigades and emergency services. Emergency forces are faced with greater and greater challenges – and so are their vehicles.

Drinking water Unimog transports mobile water purifying unit in hard-to-reach terrain.

No other vehicle is able to approach its performance potential under the worst imaginable conditions as the Unimog can: transporting crews, materials, tools and implements. Different power take-offs also allow the outfitting and operation of fire-fighting centrifugal pumps, winches, generators, hydraulic tippers or loading cranes. This makes the Unimog the best vehicle for fire-fighting.

Watch more videos on the Unimog in rescue operations:

Protection from flames and heat.

Dropped and welded vehicle frames, torque tube technology for extreme diagonal torsional flexibility up to 600 mm, wide angles of approach and departure and ramp breakover angle, portal axles, all-wheel drive and differential locks, and high traction and climbing ability. With these properties, the Unimog stands up to all the steep requirements when used for firefighting.

Another speciality is the self-protection system. It wets the tyres and windscreen if the flames come too close to the vehicle. Also, the heat-protection package available ex factory includes extra coverings for important cables and tubes to protect them from heat.

The Unimog with its round roof hatch for firefighting directly from inside the cab provides effective support for the crew. And the optional double crew cab provides enough room for up to seven crew members.

Perfect partner for fighting forest fires.

The engine or transmission-driven PTOs turn the Unimog into the perfect vehicle for fighting forest fires quickly. The transmission with its off-road group makes sure that the vehicle can also be driven at extremely low speeds even over rough terrain or for "pump & roll" operations. With its drive technology it can drive through water up to 80 cm deep (120 cm on request). Further highlights include the tirecontrol plus central tire inflating system with its "Road", "Sand" and "Poor road" modes, as well as the powerful transmission with Electronic Quick Reverse gearshift, off-road low-range ratio and EAS electronically automated gearshift.

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