One meeting, two vehicle concepts.

Unimog and MB-trac of all model years in Aufhofen, Bavaria.

Henne – the Unimog general distributor already accompanied the all-rounder when it was still in its infancy. The company has seven retail outlets in Germany, including in Heimstetten near Munich. On 2 September 2018, the dealership organised a big Unimog and MB-trac meet for young and old – and they came on foot or on tyres.

Vehicles from all over Germany, Austrian and Switzerland.

All Sunday long, action ruled the site in Aufhofen south of Munich: More than 2000 visitors from the fan community of the Unimog made sure not to miss the event. Many of them came in their own vehicles and from far away, so that more than 400 late-model and vintage classics of all model years imaginable came together in all. Many had brought Unimog and MB-trac vehicles – the tractors bearing the Mercedes star produced until 1991 – as well as historical and new implements.

In photos: the most beautiful vintage vehicles of the meet.


Current Unimog models impress.

While lovingly restored Unimog vehicles provided emotional highlights, Henne also presented latest Unimog technology for agricultural and municipal applications as well as its current Unimog range at the meet. The all-rounders were extensively tested on the Henne power take-off dynamometer. The visitors were able to refresh their knowledge of the current models based on the exhibited vehicles – and see the performance capability of the special-purpose truck for themselves on a test drive, while the smaller guests approached the Unimog in a playful way during the children’s programme.

Historical implements make hearts skip a beat.

But more than that: demonstrations of historical Unimog applications rounded off the programme. From shredding and ploughing an entire field, there was something for everyone. The highlights included an old saw implement driven by a Boehringer Unimog by means of side PTO and belt. The visitors saw an item steeped in history: The saw was already operated on wind power before 1900 and was later converted to electric operation. To make the antique fit for a demonstration, the Deining Historical Vehicle Club tackled its restoration in 2003 and fitted it with a mobile pedestal for transport.

For long-standing Unimog fans, the event had a special surprise guest at the end: Ninety-year-old Unimog pioneer Roland Feix worked as a technician in the Unimog department of Gebrüder Boehringer machine works in Göppingen in 1949 and at the event served as a Unimog demonstrator. He put on countless demonstrations in Bavaria – and was still familiar to some spectators from brochure photos. Now as then, he ploughed quite a few furrows at the wheel of a Unimog U 411 – and left behind an enthusiastic crowd.

Impressions from the Unimog and MB-trac meet 2018.

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