Professionals at work.

The Bayer AG plant's fire brigade has two Econic HTLF 40/20-5 vehicles at their disposal.

Fires, water damage, hazardous material spillages – the Bayer AG plant's firefighters are perfectly trained for every possible emergency which might arise in such large industrial premises. At the Bayer Pharmaceuticals division location in Berlin, the experienced men and women of the fire brigade there keep an eye on the safety of their colleagues at any time of day or night.

During fire shouts, they are assisted by two further, equally experienced firefighting professionals: two identical, multifunctional Mercedes-Benz Econic HTLF 40/20-5 models equipped with a cargo liftgate each. And the versatility of the two new Econic trucks drastically increases the economical value of the vehicles: they replace a total of five firefighting and logistics vehicles as well as six roll-off containers at the plant.

Low-entry concept is easy on the crew.

Firefighters need all their energy for fighting fires and thus all of their equipment must also help them avoid unnecessary loads. The Mercedes-Benz Econic consistently lives up to this ideal thanks to its low-entry concept. In comparison to traditional trucks, the firefighters can get in and out without having to climb as many steps. This advantage was decisive in Bayer choosing the Econic for its fire brigade. After all, when equipped with a heavy breathing apparatus, easy entry and exiting of the vehicle make a massive difference. Professionals among professionals.

A multi-tool for worst-case scenarios.

The possible operations to which the fire brigade get called are very varied and thus their vehicles must also be just as versatile. In an emergency, there's no time to search for or swap your equipment. That's why planning and equipping the vehicle body at Austrian manufacturer EMPL was carried out in intensive collaboration with Bayer.

The two HTLF 40/20-5 vehicles of the Bayer plant's fire brigade are based on the Econic 1830 L 4x2. They are both equipped with three seats, a 360-degree camera system, reversing camera with night-vision, microphone and reversing headlamps. Also part of the special body are things like a loud-hailer system, RettBox connection, blue light bar, front strobes and siren horn. Special stowage compartments and containers offer plenty of stowage space for such things as heavy boots and a thermal imaging camera.

Operational materials and equipment on the rollboy are also logically and ergonomically positioned. This means that everything is within easy reach during an emergency shout and also makes both Econic vehicles true multi-tools for their users.

All necessities within easy reach.

The Econic HTLF allows the fire brigade to comfortably tackle risky situations. The body's construction uses Alu-Tech sandwich panels and offers plenty of volume for fire extinguishing – with a 2000-litre water tank and, if required, a swappable 500-litre foam reservoir. On the co-driver's side, user's will find the EMPL FPN 10-4000 S centrifugal pump as well as the rapid intervention equipment. A pump pre-mixing system as well as a modern venturi mixer with additional external foam connection in the load area and at the rear reinforce the operational capabilities of the two Econic vehicles.

Two implement compartments each can be found on the left and right-hand sides of the body and are equipped with LED interior lighting. These compartments are covered by a powder-coated, smooth-opening aluminium roller shutter with barlock mechanism and are both dust and water-tight when closed. The roller shutters have a central locking function and feature self-tensioning closing straps. Foot steps are present on all shutter boxes as well as above the rear axle.

Equipment and team always on-board.

At the rear of the Econic, a tail lift with a capacity of 1500 kg at 1 tonne outreach as well as a rear warning system have been installed. Firefighters can access the load area on the co-driver's side by means of a door with pull-out steps. Six rollboys (120 cm x 80 cm), a rescue platform and a fencing-off system can all be stowed here simultaneously. Side rails with crossbars and ratchet straps ensure safe retention of up to 3 tonnes of load.

Two additional roller shutters on the sides provide access to the deep rollboy sidewall area. In one of the integrated ceiling boxes, there are four solid B-hoses for chemical operations and a connecting line with knuckle coupling for use with the foam tank. What's more, the load area is equipped with a whiteboard on the front wall as well as a window in the door and one on the opposite side.

The equipment list of the plant's fire brigade is a long one: an 8 kVA installed electricity generator which can be driven simultaneously with the pump, as well as two multifunction ladders and a rescue platform. Despite the comprehensive equipment for all imaginable operations, there is plenty of space for it all in the generous load area of the two Econic HTLF vehicles.

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