Theory and terrain.

The Unimog Part of a Legend Tour was an opportunity to experience the Unimog in action across the Iberian Peninsula.

The Part of a Legend Tour Iberia by Unimog Service & Parts took place in May and June 2023. More than 130 participants took part at a total of four locations in Spain, Portugal and Andorra. The event celebrated the relationship between the Unimog brand, its service partners and customers. Drivers and vehicles were pushed to their limits on challenging Iberian terrain. The event also provided a wealth of theoretical knowledge.

A Unimog on the right track.

Rabanal del Camino is a tranquil spot situated in the Spanish municipality of León that lies on the ancient Camino de Santiago. Nearby, an adventurous off-road track with 24 obstacles shimmers in the Spanish summer heat, just waiting to be conquered. The vehicle that will be taking on this challenge? A white Unimog U 5023, straight from the Wörth plant.

The obstacle course is actually used to train the fire brigade in fighting forest fires. Here, more than 30 participants in the Unimog Part of a Legend Tour Iberia had the chance to try out the rugged, all-terrain Unimog in person.

But before that came the theoretical part of the event, during which Unimog fans found out more about the vehicle. Jose Harms, service manager at Daimler Truck España, presented fascinating facts about the all-rounder, including its history and what lies ahead. He also underlined how important an experienced and trained Service & Parts network is in shaping the future of the legendary Unimog.

Practical design.

Steep slopes, twists and turns, soft ground – challenging terrain is where the Unimog U 5023 feels most at home. This versatile vehicle proved its off-road talents on the rugged obstacle course in Rabanal. The Part of a Legend Tour Iberia gave the participants an insight into how this works in practice. With the guidance of a trainer, they had a go at driving the Unimog on specially selected tracks and overcoming challenging obstacles.

After Rabanal, the participants continued to the province of Estremadura in Portugal. Here, Catarina Martins and Rui Pinheiro from Daimler Truck Portugal took over the further organisation of the tour and looked after the guests. The theoretical part was conducted in the local fire brigade building. Then it was time to head off to the track right outside. On an impressive off-road circuit, the participants got to grips with more of the Unimog's extreme off-road capability.

A big truck in a small country.

Right to the top: the Part of a Legend Tour Iberia took the group back through Spain and up into the Andorran Pyrenees to an altitude of 2000 m, where the Unimog U 5023 comfortably mastered the steep mountainsides.

Last stop: the off-road track Circuito Los Monegros near Zaragoza in Spain is known for its many off-road competitions. It put the torsional flexibility of the Unimog's chassis and axles to the test.

The Unimog fans were stunned by the extreme off-road skills displayed by the Unimog, especially how easily it overcame even the toughest of obstacles. But although driving the Special Truck looks easy, it actually takes both theoretical knowledge and practice. On the Part of a Legend Tour Iberia, the participants got to experience both for themselves.

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