The eEconic.

In charge for a new era.

Towns are growing. As too are the demands placed on mobility, logistics, the environment and quality of life. Our answer to this is a commercial vehicle which is up to the challenge. It is powerful and efficient whilst also can increase safety for all road users. And, with its local emission-free and quiet drive system, it provides sustainable solutions to combat the increasing environmental pollution in conurbations.
The all-electric eEconic.

For clean and safe cities.

The vehicle concept of the eEconic combines
environmental protection and road safety.



Designed for the future right from the very beginning.

The eEconic carries forth the successful concept of the Econic with its DirectVision cab.

The Econic focuses on the safety of all road users and creates an ergonomic working environment for driver and crew alike. With its battery-electric drive, the eEconic is the logical further development of the efficient and environmentally friendly city truck of today and tomorrow.

3-D product designer.

Discover the eEconic in 3-D.

In the 3-D product designer, you can put together your favourite product from a wide range of possible equipment and vehicle variants. Take a look inside the cab and see the concept advantages of the eEconic for yourself.

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Battery packs store energy in the eEconic.

up to 160 kW

charging power is mastered by the eEconic.

75 min

it takes to charge the eEconic from 20 to 80 % at a standard DC fast charging station with 400 A charging current.*

* The eEconic can be charged with up to 160 kW: based on figures determined in accordance with companyinternal experience, under optimum conditions – including when connected to a regular 400A DC charging station at an ambient temperature of 20 °C – the three battery packs need a little longer than one hour to charge from 20 to 80 %.


Qualities that impress.

The eEconic is safe:

  • Low seating position
  • Panoramic glazing
  • Fully glazed folding door
  • Intelligent safety assistance systems
  • Low entry and exit
  • Easy step-through
  • Automatic and manual emergency shutdown

The eEconic is efficient:

  • Low-entry concept
  • Low entry and exit
  • Easy step-through
  • Maneuverability
  • Maneuverability
  • Direct visibility
  • Almost all typical waste collection routes in single-shift operation possible with one battery charge
  • High drive efficiency
  • Ease of installation

The eEconic is ergonomic:

  • DirectVision cab
  • Thermocontrol windshield
  • Low-entry concept
  • Low entry and exit
  • Easy step-through
  • Comfortable headroom
  • Intuitive operation

The eEconic is environmentally friendly:

  • Locally CO₂-neutral
  • Low noise emission

The eEconic is integrated:

  • Comprehensive consulting approach to total cost of ownership, subsidies and setting up a charging infrastructure.

The eEconic is safe:

  • Low seating position
  • Panoramic glazing
  • Fully glazed folding door
  • Intelligent safety assistance systems
  • Low entry and exit
  • Easy step-through
  • Automatic and manual emergency shutdown

The eEconic is efficient:

  • Low-entry concept
  • Low entry and exit
  • Easy step-through
  • Maneuverability
  • Maneuverability
  • Direct visibility
  • Almost all typical waste collection routes in single-shift operation possible with one battery charge
  • High drive efficiency
  • Ease of installation

The eEconic is ergonomic:

  • DirectVision cab
  • Thermocontrol windshield
  • Low-entry concept
  • Low entry and exit
  • Easy step-through
  • Comfortable headroom
  • Intuitive operation

The eEconic is environmentally friendly:

  • Locally CO₂-neutral
  • Low noise emission

The eEconic is integrated:

  • Comprehensive consulting approach to total cost of ownership, subsidies and setting up a charging infrastructure.

Developed for the city.

Colourful hustle and bustle, short distances and good supplies: many people make a conscious decision to live in the city. But all the benefits have a downside. Noise and emissions are a burden on residents and workers in many places. We want to change that. And we see electromobility as the solution.

Electrification of urban transport is not only necessary, but also makes sense. This is because it offers ideal conditions for the introduction and operation of electric vehicles, as electric vehicles can demonstrate their strengths particularly well in the stop-start traffic of inner-city areas. Electric motors not only have very good pulling-away dynamics, but also recover energy when braking.

Electrified by stop-and-go.

The energy required by cars or trucks to accelerate is converted into thermal energy by braking in the classic combustion drive and dissipates unused in the environment. Electric vehicles can recover part of this kinetic energy through so-called recuperation and feed it back into the battery - namely during braking. This energy is then available again for propulsion during the next acceleration process.

This type of energy recovery is based on the generator principle. This means that the kinetic energy released during braking is converted into electrical energy by electromagnetic induction - similar to a bicycle dynamo.

A positive side effect is that regenerative braking means that the brakes of electric vehicles are less intensively stressed than those of internal combustion vehicles. This is easier on the brakes and less harmful brake dust is produced.

Noise reduction.

Traffic noise strains and even damages the ears in the long term. Noisy cities around the world age the sense of hearing by an average of 10 to 15 years.* With electric vehicles, the drive noise is eliminated. Commercial vehicles in particular, which start and stop very frequently, can contribute to a significant reduction in noise emissions with an all-electric drive.

*Source: Hearing Index, 2017


Reduction of climate gas emissions.

Climate gas emissions, such as CO₂ emissions, have clear negative effects on health and the climate. The advantage of e-mobility: On the road, an electric vehicle does not produce any corresponding emissions, which reduces pollution in conurbations. However, energy generation is also important. With the use of 100 percent renewable energy sources, nearly climate-neutral vehicle operation is possible.*

*Source: German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety,, 2020

Web configurator.

Discover the eEconic in 3D.

In the web configurator, you can put together your favourite product from a wide range of possible equipment and vehicle variants. Take a 360-degree look inside the cab and see the concept advantages of the eEconic for yourself.

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Advantages for urban traffic.

The eEconic impresses with clever features that benefit the
driver, crew and other road users benefit.


Product benefits


Thanks to its low seating position and DirectVision cab, the eEconic enables anticipatory driving at eye level.

The eEconic is perfectly suited for use in city traffic. Its exceptional low-entry concept offers compelling advantages. The most important: the cab with panoramic glazing for a clear view.

  • DirectVision cab for the best possible view
  • Low driver's seat position for direct eye contact
  • Floor-to-ceiling folding door on passenger side for clear view of walkways
  • Mirror system to extend field of vision to work and blind spot areas
  • Blind spot camera system

Everything in view.

The low seating position puts the driver at eye level with all road users. And seeing more means reacting faster. In addition, the driver can communicate directly with other road users via eye contact. In hectic traffic, this is an advantage over conventional trucks that can be decisive.


Always at eye level.

The DirectVision cab gives the driver direct eye contact with cyclists and pedestrians at junctions or in queues.


5-star award on the Thames.

Transport for London, the umbrella organisation responsible for regulating truck driving requirements in the British capital since 2001, has awarded the Econic five stars for its extensive safety features.


Practical decisions based on practical experience.

From driver to Managing Director: Cris Calina has fulfilled his dream of owning his own business and has just acquired a new Econic concrete mixer. Because he is fully convinced of the benefits of the Mercedes-Benz Special Truck.


Product advantages

Health and safety.

With the eEconic’s low-entry concept, work health and safety measures are observed at every turn.

Employee protection has been made number one priority with the lower entry – not only is it ergonomic, it's also safe and gentle on the back and joints. The eEconic also scores in terms of noise emissions: compared to conventionally powered trucks, the all-electric truck is much quieter. This benefits not only residents but also the crew.

  • Low entry with just two steps
  • Entry and exit via folding door to the side facing away from traffic
  • Shock-absorbing full air suspension
  • Raising and lowering function of the vehicle on both axles
  • Less noise compared to conventionally powered commercial vehicles

Comfortable workplace.

The entry has been designed with safety in mind: only two steps are needed to climb into the cab. It also makes work processes much quicker, especially when lots of stops need to be made. With the walk-through cab, the driver can conveniently enter and exit the cab from the traffic-free side of the road using the inward-opening folding door: a practical way to help prevent  accidents. And the comfortable standing height in the cab is definitely another plus point for the crew.


Product advantages


The eEconic offers more than just visibility: Overview. And smart systems for greater safety.

When it comes to anticipatory driving and prevention, the eEconic is miles ahead of conventional trucks. It all comes down to its low seating position and the cab's panoramic glazing, not to mention the fact that the eEconic has up to ten safety assists on board! Cameras, sensors and additional lighting systems free up the driver to focus on the most important tasks. A sophisticated safety system also protects the high-voltage components in the event of an accident.

  • Coordinated safety assistance systems available
  • Specially designed for urban use
  • Imaging and sensory systems complement each other in a meaningful way
  • Relief for the driver in dangerous situations

Level cab floor.

The floor of the cab in the eEconic is completely level apart from the two steps for getting in and out. This allows easy access and safe entry and exit on the side away from the traffic, even for the driver.


Heated windshield.

The cab with panoramic glazing and low seating position offers outstanding visibility of road traffic. The coated and heated Thermocontrol windshield ensures a pleasant climate in the cab and a fog-free view of traffic, even in adverse weather conditions.


LED front headlights.

With modern LED technology, the headlights of the eEconic create the best possible illumination of the road and thus the best possible visibility conditions - at all times of day and even in poor weather conditions.


The eEconic safety assistance systems.

A comprehensive package of safety assistance systems help eEconic drivers keep a good overview of critical situations.

The equipment scope includes the following:

  • Active Brake Assist 5
  • Rain/light sensor
  • Lane Keeping Assist

The following options are available:

  • Blind spot camera system
  • Sideguard Assist
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Speed limiting when reversing
  • Hazard warning lights can be activated automatically
  • Work lamps
  • Pre-installation for a reversing assistant
  • Pre-installation of ambient lighting for body

Observation and reaction.

1   Blind Spot Camera System
2   Sideguard Assist
3   Preinstallation for Reversing Assist
4   Active Brake Assist
5   Adaptive Cruise Control

Blue   imaging systems
Red    sensory systems

All safety assistance systems in detail.

Blind Spot Camera System*.

The blind spot camera system* shows exactly those images of the vehicle's surroundings that are important for the driving situation, all on an ergonomically positioned monitor, making everything relevant to the driver in view as they reverse, manoeuvre or turn.


Sideguard Assist*.

Sideguard Assist* can detect people on the passenger side of the vehicle and warn the driver with a light signal. If this is ignored and the vehicle continues to turn in the direction of the detected person, a warning tone sounds. For safe, stress-free driving.


Adaptive cruise control*.

Adaptive cruise control* manages the distance to the vehicle driving in front and can automatically adjust the Econic's speed.

Active Brake Assist 5.

Active Brake Assist 5 (ABA 5) from Mercedes-Benz supports Econic drivers in critical situations** – from effective warning tones to automatic maximum full-stop braking. As standard in all new Econic vehicles ex factory.


Lane Keeping Assist.

Lane Keeping Assist alerts the driver if the truck leaves its lane unintentionally.


Rain and light sensor.

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Work lamps*.

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Hazard warning lights* can be activated automatically.

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Speed limiter, reversing*.

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Pre-installation for reversing assistant*.

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Pre-installation for ambient lighting for body*.

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* Special equipment
** Within the system limits or within physical limits, the system can react to stationary and moving objects as well as moving pedestrians with partial and full braking. The driver remains fully responsible for driving the vehicle safely in these traffic situations.


Product advantages


Designed for your everyday work, this sophisticated cab with added comfort is truly outstanding.

Each and every one of the eEconic's functions have been designed with one goal in mind: to support the driver and make their workday the best it can be! These include comfortable headroom in the cab and a sprung comfort suspension seat. A powerful air-conditioning system ensures pleasant temperatures in all weathers, while the Thermocontrol windshield ensures good visibility.

  • Comfortable headroom in the cab
  • Low entry
  • Comfort suspension seats
  • Intuitive operation
  • Generous storage compartments
  • Powerful air-conditioning system
  • Thermocontrol windshield

Intuitive and multimedia.

The cockpit has been further developed, fully networked and is now even easier to operate. The modern and high-resolution, intuitive color display in the eEconic provides a clear presentation of all driving and vehicle information. This provides the driver with all important information, such as the charge status of the batteries, the remaining range, and the current and average energy consumption.

Looking ahead.

All important vehicle information can be quickly accessed in the multimedia cockpit. Centrally positioned displays for the optional imaging safety systems also allow a view of the camera images around the vehicle. The Thermocontrol windshield enables good visibility even in difficult weather conditions.

Room for productivity.

Whatever you intend to do with the eEconic, its spacious cab offers great freedom of movement and creates the best working conditions thanks to its sophisticated design. Depending on the application, there is room for up to three passengers. Ideal for frequent stops: When the vehicle pulls away, the folding door on the passenger side closes automatically. Depending on the intended use, a revolving door can also be installed.

Everything just fits here.

Two lockable storage compartments provide ample storage space for the crew. Additional storage compartments, bottle and cup holders in the dashboard support also provide space for personal items or tools.

Custom Tailored Trucks: Individualization in manufacturer quality.

With a cab that can be either low or high, an engine that can run on either diesel or natural gas, four different axle variants and wheelbases ranging from 3,450 to 5,700 mm, the Econic is perfectly suited to a whole range of sectors and tasks. But it wouldn't be a Mercedes-Benz truck if it didn't go one step further to meet even the most specific of requirements. Besides the high-quality vehicles manufactured in volume series production, Mercedes-Benz Custom Tailored Trucks (CTT) also offers complex modifications and individual solutions tailored to your everyday needs: from the transfer of individual components to highly complex axle modifications. Order an individually tailored system built to the same standards as in series production.

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Product advantages

All-electric Drive.

From engine performance to charging time, the all-electric eEconic is made of responsibility thought through.

Whether it's the e-axle or the battery, the electric components of the eEconic are precisely matched to the requirements and conditions in the waste disposal industry. This results in valuable advantages in use - for example, halving the perceived noise level of the driveline in full-load operation.

  • E-axis with two integrated electric motors and two-speed transmission
  • 3 battery packs
  • Range up to 100/150 km*
  • Max. Charging power of 160 kW
  • Installed battery capacity of 336 kWh**
  • Charging time of approx. 75 min (20-80 %, under optimal conditions)***
  • Max. Engine power of 400 kW
  • Max. Speed of 89 km/h

* The specified range is provisional and was determined on the basis of an internal simulation tool assuming optimum conditions, including with 3 new battery packs after preconditioning in a partially loaded state in inner-city refuse collection operations (VECTO Municipal Cycle up to 100 km) or in mixed refuse collection operations (combined from VECTO Municipal Cycle, VECTO Regional Delivery and VECTO Urban Delivery Cycle up to 150 km) at 20 °C outside temperature, and may deviate from the values determined in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2017/2400. Among other things, the actual range depends heavily on the handling, usage profile and type of body.

** Nominal capacity of a new battery, based on internally defined framework conditions. This may vary depending on the application and ambient conditions.

*** The eEconic can be charged with up to 160 kW: Based on internally determined empirical values, the three battery packs require just over one hour to be charged from 20 to 80 % under optimum conditions, including an ambient temperature of 20 °C at a standard DC fast charging station with 400 A charging current.


Ready for the disposal tour.

With a permissible gross weight of 27 t, the eEconic is initially launched on the market with the 6x2/ NLA wheel formula in the configuration as a waste collection vehicle. In the future, it will cover the vast majority of Econic's typical waste collection routes without intermediate charging in the configuration as a waste collection vehicle - locally CO₂-neutral and quiet. As with the eActros, the technological heart is the drive unit: an E-axle with two integrated electric motors and two-speed transmission. The series eEconic will be equipped with three battery packs, each with an energy capacity of around 105 kWh. This is roughly equivalent to the energy content of a new battery pack, including safety and performance limitations to maintain system operation.

The two liquid-cooled motors generate a continuous output of 330 kW and a peak output of 400 kW. In addition, electrical energy can be recovered through recuperation when driving with foresight - a major advantage especially in stop-and-go operation when collecting refuse.

Electrifying drive technology.

With ePowertrain, the eEconic has higher engine efficiency with energy recovery during braking compared to conventional diesel drive: perfect for stop-and-go in municipal applications. The locally emission-free drive enables free travel in all environmental zones - and so quietly that the eEconic is allowed to operate at night in many cases. Standstill times for charging can be ideally scheduled into depot stops. With up to 160 kW of power, the batteries charge from 20 to 80 % in just over an hour.***

Powerful e-axis.

All components and performance data at a glance.

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Body manufacturers can connect with the mechanical PTO.

The mechanical PTO eWorX from ZF makes it even easier for body builders to equip the eEconic with their bodies. The electrified PTO serves as a link between the body and the eEconic to which the body’s hydraulic pump can be connected directly. The mPTO is fully assembled in a vertical version behind the cab on the right-hand side of the vehicle and is delivered tested ex works.

Technical data (for 100% state of charge):

  • Continuous output 33 kW
  • Peak power 58 kW (60 s)
  • Rated speed 2000 rpm
  • Max. speed 4000 rpm
  • Direction of rotation: anticlockwise (looking at the motor shaft)

The Mercedes-Benz eActros.

In terms of vehicle architecture, the eEconic benefits from Daimler Trucks' global platform strategy: The low-floor truck is based on the eActros for heavy-duty distribution transport, which celebrated its digital world premiere at the end of June 2021. Thus, the central technical specifications of the eEconic are largely identical to those of the eActros.

Product benefits


Our Mercedes-Benz promise: we won't leave you on your own. Our electric ecosystem offers services from consulting to commissioning.

The switch to electrically powered trucks is about more than just a new drive system. We offer you comprehensive support right from the start – from advice on setting up the right charging infrastructure to maintenance. As the owner of an eEconic, you benefit from services such as connection to a digital fleet management system.

  • Individual advice from purchasing to maintenance
  • Suitable charging infrastructure and appropriate charging management for your application
  • eConnectivity solutions for state-of-the-art fleet management

The eEconic e-ecosystem at a glance.

Click on the points to learn more about our eMobility services.



eTruck Consulting


Before entering the world of eMobility, we provide you with intensive consultation. Our experts analyse the individual operational scenario and carry out a route analysis. A precise calculation of the total cost of ownership (TCO) is carried out for each customer and a comparison is drawn with other drive variants. We also support you in finding suitable funding.

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Advice on charging infrastructure


A suitable charging infrastructure in your depot is the pre-requisite for a smooth start into electromobility. Together with selected partners, we advise you on choosing the right charging station for the respective application as well as the appropriate infrastructure for the location. Depending on the intended operations, we create individual charging scenarios and provide support with planning and applications. Even before you purchase your eEconic, you will benefit from competent advice on installing the infrastructure.



New technologies require new practical knowledge and know-how. To ensure that you know about all aspects of electromobility right from the start, we offer comprehensive training courses for drivers, fleet managers and workshop employees.

eTruck Service


The eEconic is always in good hands at our numerous Mercedes-Benz service partners. Specially trained employees routinely carry out any upcoming maintenance tasks. Plus, our mobile service teams come directly to you in the event of an emergency. And with our digital service "MB Uptime", the planning of workshop visits is even more efficient.

Re-using batteries


The performance of batteries diminishes over the years. But for us, that doesn't mean they're ready for the scrap heap. We're working on solutions that allow old batteries to be reused in a meaningful way.



We network the eEconic with Mercedes-Benz Uptime and other Fleetboard services suited to eTrucks and charging management. This means that fleet managers can not only centrally manage all relevant vehicle data at any time, but also plan in service times and avert damage to the vehicle in advance thanks to intelligent analysis tools.

Battery care


We ensure that the battery of the eEconic remains powerful and has a long range. This includes close monitoring of the battery's state of health (SoH). Based on this data, you can always keep an eye on the status of your battery via the MB Uptime service.

eTruck Financing


A green fleet pays off – with the right financing, we put you on the right track from the outset. This includes the financing of the vehicle and the charging infrastructure as well as warranty and maintenance packages for greater planning security. We of course also advise you with regard to current subsidies which are available to facilitate the changeover to battery-electric drives.


An efficient solution for every requirement: Fleetboard's individually combinable telematics applications enable intelligent networking of information. Various digital services are available for the eEconic.

Mapping, trip recording and track & trace

React quickly to traffic events at any time by keeping an eye on vehicle positions, route progress, current traffic information and the status of your tours, which are updated at least every 30 seconds.

The range display allows you to check the feasibility of your tours in the event of changing traffic conditions and to plan them flexibly, for example in the event of traffic jams.

Charge Management

Integrate charging activities into your daily processes by setting the completion time of a charge and the desired target battery level. Get full visibility into the duration of charging, instantaneous power and energy transferred.

Remote control of charging stations via the portal saves time and resources and ensures that your vehicles are charged and ready when you want to use them.


Use the historical overview of your fleet's activities - such as driving, charging or idle times - to identify optimization potential in your operation and maximize the utilization of all vehicles.

An overview of all errors that have occurred, including the types of error, helps you to develop a feeling for the correlations between battery state of charge, range, and the tasks of your vehicles, and to integrate the new technology into your operation as quickly as possible.

Mercedes-Benz Uptime*

Ensure maximum plannability and efficiency of your workshop visits with Mercedes-Benz Uptime through intelligent networking of the vehicle, Mercedes-Benz Service and your disposal company.

The Uptime algorithm informs you about the remaining nominal capacity of the battery and constantly checks all parts of the powertrain for anomalies to alert you in good time to any necessary repairs and maintenance.

* only available in connection with a service contract


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e-Truck Consulting.

To support customers every step of the way as they make the switch to e-mobility, we are embedding the eEconic - like the eActros - in an ecosystem that also includes consulting and service offerings as well as digital solutions for high vehicle utilization and optimization of total costs. For example, existing driving routes will be used to determine a usage profile of electric trucks for the respective customer that is as realistic and meaningful as possible.

In addition to the electrification of the depot, the so-called eConsulting also includes, depending on the customer's wishes, all questions of planning, application and implementation relating to the charging infrastructure as well as the grid connection - we have entered into a strategic partnership with Siemens Smart Infrastructure, ENGIE and EVBox Group specifically for this purpose. On request, we also provide assistance in identifying possible public subsidies for infrastructure and vehicles.


"We want our customers to be able to get everything from a single source."

Charging instead of refueling, different handling, new technology - anyone interested in an eTruck is entering new territory in many respects. This is where the eConsulting Team from Mercedes-Benz Trucks comes in, helping customers on their way to electromobility. In an interview, Angelika Wetzel from the eConsulting Team and eEconic Product Manager Linda Fritzenwanker reveal, among other things, why no two consultations are the same.


Product advantages


By 2050, we at Daimler Trucks & Buses will have switched completely to CO₂-neutral transport solutions.

We are electrified by the idea of sustainable mobility. Because we want to protect the climate - together with our partners and customers. Because we can only master the challenges of our time by working together. And through consistent rethinking. Daimler Trucks & Buses is therefore pursuing a sustainable corporate strategy and has the ambition to only offer new vehicles in Europe, Japan, and North America that are CO₂-neutral in operation ("tank-to-wheel") by 2039. CO₂-neutral transportation on the roads by 2050 is the ultimate goal.

  • By 2039, exclusive supply of new vehicles in Europe, Japan, and North America that are CO₂-neutral when in operation.
  • By 2050, CO₂-neutral transport on the roads.
  • In addition to the battery, Mercedes-Benz also relies on fuel cell technology for long-haul trucks

* The vehicles shown are prototypes that do not correspond to the final production status.


Our strategy is to be quick with the fleet changeover.

The transport sector has a significant role to play in reducing global CO₂ emissions. We take our responsibility seriously and act. To protect the climate and at the same time maintain the mobility of people around the world.

In developing zero-emission drive solutions for the commercial vehicles of the future, we are thinking in many directions. Our self-imposed goal: from 2039, we will only offer commercial vehicles in the regions of Europe, North America and Japan that are emission-free in drive mode ("tank-to-wheel").

We will start series production of battery-electric trucks in 2021. In the second half of this decade, Daimler Trucks & Buses also intends to supplement its vehicle range with series-produced vehicles with hydrogen-based fuel-cell drive systems.

Get to know eMobility strategy

Our path: Shaping e-mobility together.

For us, sustainable solutions are characterized by the fact that they offer answers to all questions from requirements to operation. And for us, electromobility is more than just a new type of drive.

To make the switch to electrically powered commercial vehicles as easy as possible, we develop zero-emission trucks like the eEconic in close collaboration with body manufacturers and customers. This is the only way to create efficient and customized solutions that are optimally tailored to your needs.

Daimler Trucks has been gathering experience with electric trucks worldwide since 2010. Because we started development early, we can present concrete solutions today. One example: the eActros, which has now been in real-world use in customer trials in Europe for two years.

Customer opinion

Say yes to the Paris Agreement.

The advancement of global warming has dramatic consequences: violent storms, floods, forest fires and droughts are increasing in frequency – with existential consequences.

We have to take countermeasures. In December 2015, 150 countries therefore agreed to implement national climate protection targets at the international climate summit in Paris.

Their joint mission: limit the increase in the global average temperature to less than 2 °C. And this can only be achieved if emissions of harmful greenhouse gases are halved in each coming decade. We want to play our part in this.

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Logical solution.

The eEconic was developed as an all-electric commercial vehicle
for the waste management industry.





The locally emission-free eEconic contributes to a significantly better environmental balance in a range of applications that include airports.

The eEconic represents a significant innovation on the runway. Its all-electric operation enables airports to achieve locally emission-free ground handling, which considerably improves their environmental footprint. Modern safety features result in a more relaxed driving experience even in a hectic working environment. The optional low version of the eEconic can park comfortably under aircraft wings. The eEconic's efficient drive and high functional adaptability also help to significantly reduce operating costs. This electric truck is used as a catering vehicle and can assist when refuelling aircraft. It has already made history in this sector as the world’s first electric refuelling truck under the name eEconic eRefueller.

  • Modern safety features for relaxed driving on hectic runways
  • (Optional) low design for parking under aircraft wings
  • Efficient drive and functional flexibility reduce operating costs
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Waste disposal.

The eEconic is a quiet and locally emission-free commercial vehicle for urban waste collection.

Almost all typical waste collection routes can be covered with the eEconic in single-shift operation with just one battery charge. With permanently scheduled depot stops, the appropriate charging infrastructure can be easily provided. Working in shifts allows the battery to be gently charged overnight. This allows municipalities and entrepreneurs to benefit from more favorable nighttime electricity rates. At the same time, they are particularly efficient on the road: electric motors not only have very good dynamics when starting up, but also recover energy through recuperation when braking.

  • Battery charging adapted to typical disposal routes in single-shift operation
  • Night charging
  • Energy recovery through recuperation during stop-and-go

A look into the future.

"We need to understand how we can support our customers to be more successful," Karin Rådström is convinced. The member of the Board of Management of Daimler Truck AG therefore spoke with Stefan Olin, Managing Director of Urbaser A/S (Denmark), about challenges and opportunities in the electrification of municipal logistics.

A clean affair.

Frankfurter Entsorgungs- und Service GmbH has found an answer to the question of greater efficiency and climate friendliness: the all-electric eEconic. Following initial, successful test series, Frankfurt is now one of the cities exclusively testing the Special Truck in waste collection.


Well tested.

The development of the battery-electric eEconic for municipal use was consistently driven forward with intensive test series. The focus of the test engineers was and is on carrying out tests relating to the safety, performance and durability of the vehicle.


A strong community.

Both during and after purchase,
we never let you down.


Flexibility that gives plenty of elbow room.

Mercedes-Benz Bank's financial service pays for itself!

Our customised financial services make your accounting more flexible. Jointly with the Mercedes-Benz Bank and our Daimler Truck partners, we provide customised service offers including leasing, financing, guarantee extensions, mobility concepts and rental vehicles. Further information can be obtained from your authorised Daimler Truck partner.

Everything from one single source.

As well as comprehensive product packages with individually selectable modules, customers are able to obtain vehicle, financing and insurance from their Mercedes-Benz partner from one single source. The advantages: short travel distances, time saved and coordinated services. What's more, terms and conditions are convenient and customer-friendly. To keep you mobile and flexible: always.

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Our quality promise.

Built in Wörth, at the largest truck assembly plant in the world,
the Econic meets the commercial vehicle branch's high quality standards.

Brand promise

Working for you.

As a global leader of medium-heavy and heavy trucks, Mercedes-Benz sets itself ambitious targets: we set the standard for quality and reliability. And our over 11,000-strong workforce at our modern and environmentally-friendly Wörth plant more than meet these expectations. Since 1963, over three million commercial vehicles have been manufactured here. Alongside the A-series (Actros, Arocs, Antos and Atego), all the Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks are designed and manufactured at the plant, using a good number of identical components. The fleet includes the Unimog implement carrier, the outstandingly agile off-road Unimog, the Econic and the Zetros. All models in the series are subject to the same stringent testing and trial cycles as vehicles from the large-scale production series. Our passion for commercial vehicles is best expressed in the Wörth plant's motto: "Our mission is to get a little better each day so we can fulfil our brand pledge to our customers: Trucks you can trust."

Cooperation with body manufacturers.

Valuable partnerships.

Mercedes-Benz has been working closely with international implement and body manufacturers for decades, combining specialist experience and expertise with the in-depth knowledge of competent partners. The most stringent requirements for the best system solutions.